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Virginia Mercury
The Virginia Mercury is an independent, nonprofit online news organization covering state government and policy. From the push to remove Confederate statues to big shifts in health care and energy policy, the Old Dominion is changing. The Mercury aims to bring a fresh perspective to coverage of the state’s biggest issues.
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9 weeks ago by chrismyth
Hero or villain? Bercow’s notoriety is a consequence of parliament’s crisis – not its cause | James Butler | Opinion | The Guardian
The Speaker’s rulings are a consequence, not a cause, of the political impasse – the unavoidable effect of a conflict between legislature and executive eagerly pursued by successive governments. Small majorities or minority governments – as much the result of a democratic process as the referendum – find their rebels empowered; if any such government treats parliament as a truculent inconvenience, it will find MPs ready to humble it. Bercow’s instinct to empower parliament is real and consistent – though he delights in making enemies – but his “constitutional vandalism” is unlikely to trouble any government with a majority. Whatever the tabloids claim, this government’s inability to win a vote is its fault, and its fault alone.

The competition to replace Bercow is already under way. Some candidates, such as Labour’s Chris Bryant, promise a return to procedural orthodoxy: umpire-like impartiality, slavish adherence to the rulebook. Yet it is hard to see how any candidate could avoid controversy in a restive, finely balanced parliament with an executive determined to test the limits of its power and a legislature impatient with abuse.

Brexit has seen the withering of many parliamentary delusions: the strictures of convention, the stability of the parties, the reliability of the “good chap” theory of office. Bercow’s pugnacious defence of the legislature is a boon, but he must realise that reform conducted solely through the Speaker’s chair also tests democratic legitimacy; such a realisation must be behind his embrace, in last night’s lecture, of a more codified constitutional settlement. As the legal case over prorogation waits to be heard by the supreme court next week, and the looming Brexit deadline leaves the government scrambling for political safety, Bercow’s final act remains yet to be played. It is certain to be a stormy one.
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12 weeks ago by petej
The public’s business: On the legislative agenda this week - NH Business Review
At 9 a.m., HB 466, which would increase the apportionment for net energy metering provisions from electrical facilities with total generating capacity of 100 kilowatts to 500 kilowatts. This allows more small to mid-sized businesses to take advantage of the law
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may 2019 by eversourcenh
voteview legislative voting analysis
analysis of partisanship acoss US legislative votes
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april 2019 by tswaterman
86th Texas Legislature – Texas NORML
good infographic on the legislative process in Texas
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february 2019 by techpeace
The Keepers Impact
Website built as follow-up to "The Keepers" miniseries on Netflix, about the murder of Sister Cathy Cesnik to shut her up and prevent her exposure of extreme sexual molestation, abuse, and rape by several priests at a Catholic secondary school, and by local, regional, and State law enforcement.
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october 2018 by chrismyth

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