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"Font Detectives" Use Their Expertise to Solve High Stakes Cases (WIRED)
Рассказ о шрифтовых экспертах Thomas Phinney и Allan Haley, которые помогают решать политические и экономические скандалы благодаря своему глубокому зданию истории шрифтов и технологий печати. Это помогает им определить, был ли подделан документ. Перевод —
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yesterday by jvetrau
Seniors and The Law @
Written by the Texas Young Lawyers Association, this packet is a great all in one guide to the laws that affect senior citizens in Texas.
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3 days ago by cyberchucktx
Luxury Brands Win Right to Block Sale of Goods on Amazon in Europe - WSJ
- “The quality of luxury goods is not simply the result of their material characteristics, but also of the allure and prestigious image which bestows on them an aura of luxury,” the ECJ said. “That aura is an essential aspect of those goods in that it thus enables consumers to distinguish them from other similar goods.”
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4 days ago by renaissancechambara
Hope grows that a larger SEC crackdown on ICOs is coming -- and soon
Hope grows that a larger SEC crackdown on ICOs is coming -- and soon
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4 days ago by cmirabile

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