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Talking Parents | Co-Parenting Communication Tools
Talking Parents provides reliable and unaltered communication records between co-parents. Use our free communication tools to get an accurate and complete record of all conversations, important dates and shared files. Keep your co-parent accountable and avoid future litigations.
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16 hours ago by dicewitch
Freelance Contract Template - Download Free | The Plain Contract
Freelance contract template written in plain language. Compatible with
Google Docs or Microsoft Word. Perfect for graphic designers, web
developers, bloggers and more.
freelance  legal  contract 
yesterday by cemk
OpenScraper | CIS
An open source webapp for scraping: towards a public service for webscraping.

"OpenScraper aims to display an online GUI interface (a webapp on the client side) so you'll just have to set the field names (the data structure you expect), then enter a list of websites to scrap, for each one set up the xpath to scrap for each field, and finally click on a button to run the scraper configured for each website. T

This will give access to the desired data: You will be able able to import it, share it, and visualize it
OpenScraper is developped in open source, and will provide a documentation as much as a legal framework (licence and CGU) aiming to make the core system of OpenScraper fit the GDPR, in the letter and in the spirit."
Startupinthecloud  tools  Python  Data  Database  datasource  website  Web_Development  Information_Science  Information_Technology  Visualization  opensource  Legal  Framework 
yesterday by eocas

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