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Internet history, design, advanced use, help, security, important features...
Internet history, World Wide Web, Email, IRC, MUD, Design, Work, Invented, Security, Help
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3 days ago by boscage
Michael Feathers: The Carrying-Cost of Code: Taking Lean Seriously
In software development, we are essentially working on the same car or widget continuously, often for years.  We are in the same soup, the same codebase.  We can't expect a model based on independence of pieces in manufacturing to be accurate when we are working continuously on a single thing (a codebase) that shows wear over time and needs constant attention.
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12 days ago by floehopper
Announcing the Application Modernisation Team - MOJ Digital & Technology
How the Ministry of Justice is transforming the justice system using digital services and technology: news, updates and comment.
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12 days ago by floehopper
Legacy of President George H.W. Bush: War Crimes, Racism
In the age of Donald Trump, it isn’t difficult for hagiographers of the late Bush Sr. to paint a picture of him as a great patriot and pragmatist; a president who governed with “class” and “integrity.”
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13 days ago by mirthe

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