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America’s White Saviors
The Great Awokening is now going for the Jews
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12 days ago by chrischantrill
Lefties Pressuring Mastercard
Financial Blacklisting: Activists Pressure Mastercard Stockholders to Censor 'Far Right'
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6 weeks ago by chrischantrill
Financial Blacklisting
Chase Bank Withdraws Service from Independent and Conservative Figures
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7 weeks ago by chrischantrill
 Rich Puchalsky Ⓐ @RichPuchalsky I think that the current way the left handles global climate change as a problem is wrong in almost every sense. This thread will go through some of these in no particular order
Tough talk from an ecoanarchist that I follow. I don't agree with him about everything or even most things but I think a large subset of these observations are substantially true and for the most part standard left politics just does not even acknowledge them.
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8 weeks ago by absfac

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