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Euston Manifesto - Wikipedia
so called "progressives" <-sarcasm
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17 days ago by jstenner
Lessons of Defeat: Testimonies of the Arab left
@ursulind in @the_point_mag on the work of Arwa Salih and Mustafa Khalifa
arab  left  literature 
22 days ago by arabist
Dr Sarah Taber on Twitter: ""yeah I like to travel because I believe in experiences not materialism, also check out my sweet equipment"… "
Reply to @BadSalishGirl: "Yuppie hikers, travelers are full annoying and always like to remind poor traveling people they need better tents, packs, and clothing. Like we can't drop hundreds like you for your novelty travel hobbies, we source what we can for a traveling life."
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4 weeks ago by bbrown

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