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Butternut Squash Turnovers Recipe - Jeremy Sommer | Food & Wine
written as a turnover, but I think you could do it as a main with some chickpeas or beans or sausage, etc.
squash  vegetarian  goatcheese  shiitake  leeks  thyme  Puffpastry 
october 2018 by bodeswell
Recipes to Use Up Food Scraps - EatingWell
great tips for reducing food waste. spiralized broccoli stems! carrot tops, beet greens, leek tops (dark green part), kale stems, cauliflower leaves & stems. and of course chicken carcasses for chicken broth!
recipes  waste  vegetables  broccoli  carrots  beets  leeks  kale  cauliflower  chicken 
may 2018 by atelathehun

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