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Why a 21st Century Enlightenment Needs Walls | Jonathan Haidt | RSA Replay
Just as the Enlightenment coffeehouse did in its day, the advent of social media has brought down barriers to participation in public discourse. More people than ever take part in public conversations about the big issues of the moment, and yet it seems we are becoming ever more polarised and stuck. Has this all-inclusive openness come at a cost?

Acclaimed social psychologist Jonathan Haidt visits the RSA to argue that – paradoxically – the very openness of these platforms have proved fatal for the kind of thinking, debate, provocation, and orthodoxy-challenging that is so necessary for liberal democracy.

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11 days ago by walt74
Bret Weinstein on Evolutionary Biology and Gender (Pt. 2)
Bret Weinstein might be the smartest one of the „Intellectual Dark Web“. Interesting Interview throughout.

„Bret Weinstein (former professor at Evergreen State) joins Dave to break down his disagreements with Richard Dawkins, what he sees as the most important topics around evolutionary biology, his issues with New Atheism, thoughts on policing gender, and more.“

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16 days ago by walt74
Bret Weinstein on Life After Evergreen and Being Progressive (Pt. 1)
Bret Weinstein might be the smartest one of the „Intellectual Dark Web“. Interesting Interview throughout.

„Bret Weinstein (former professor at Evergreen State) joins Dave to discuss life after being pushed out and let go from Evergreen State University for a scandal surrounding accusations of racism.“

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16 days ago by walt74
The Camera Transform - UC Davis
skip to 15:45 for the start of the real discussion of the projection transform
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17 days ago by MaxBarraclough
Jordan Peterson vs Susan Blackmore • Do we need God to make sense of life?
„Jordan B Peterson debates the psychology of religious belief with atheist academic Susan Blackmore in the first episode of The Big Conversation.“

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24 days ago by walt74
STA-663-2017 — STA-663-2017 1.0 documentation
The goal of STA 663 is to learn statistical programming - how to write code to solve statistical problems. In general, statistical problems have to do with the estimation of some characteristic derived from data - this can be a point estimate, an interval, or an entire function. Almost always, solving such statistical problems involves writing code to collect, organize, explore, analyze and present the data. For obvious reasons, we would like to write good code that is readable, correct and efficient, preferably without reinventing the wheel.
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4 weeks ago by areich

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