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Susan James: Emotional Responses to Fiction: A Spinozist Approach
Some human passions are stronger and more intense than others. Rage, for example, is stronger than irritation, and hatred is stronger than dislike. Love can be stronger than fear, or the other way round. We habitually describe passions as strong or weak, and assess them in these terms. (Her rage was excessive, her love insufficient.) In doing so, we draw on an ancient metaphor that clearly makes some phenomenological sense. But what does the strength of a passion consist in?

Since the metaphor has been around for such a long time there will be more than one detailed answer to this question, but in this lecture I shall begin by sketching a relatively stable interpretation of passionate strength and its counterpart, passionate weakness. I shall go on to consider what this metaphor can explain about our passions, and what it conceals.

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The day is for the living
"Once we can no longer speak for ourselves, we are interpreted."
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Schedule | GPI
Great Practical Ideas (GPI) is a course for first-year CS students at Carnegie Mellon University. It covers topics relating to basic terminal usage and general Unix skills, such as file systems and navigation, bash scripting, Unix text editors (i.e. Vim), Git, Make, LaTeX, and more.
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How to Say 'Thank You' in Japanese by Using 'Arigatou'
The Japanese phrases 'arigatou gozaimasu' and 'arigatou gozaimashita' can be used to make phrases more polite or to say thanks.
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6 days ago by ulises_mbr
Watch John Szarkowski: A Life in Photography now | Kanopy
In which John Szarkovski gives a lecture about his career as a photographer. (There is nothing here about MoMA, his writing, or his curatorial career).

He pronounces his name shah-kov-ski.
There is no ‘shark’.
There is no ‘cow’.

This video is available via Kanopy, the linked URL indicates my current academic association.
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8 days ago by metaproof
Project Tuva: Richard Feynman's Messenger Lecture Series - Microsoft Research
Project Tuva was a Microsoft Research collaboration with Bill Gates that experimented with interactive video using Richard Feynman's Messenger Lectures.
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