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PowerPoint in the Psychology Classroom: Lessons from Multimedia Learning Research
The Assertion-Evidence (A-E) slide structure arose as a way to improve communication among professionals in science and engineering, but has become popular among broader professional communities because it offers specific ways to overcome the problems with the default settings of PowerPoint (Alley & Neeley, 2005). The A-E structure also seems to be more closely aligned with multimedia learning principles. Alignment, and the need for effective visual aids which support learning in large classroom lectures, leads us to believe that its utility as a structure for psychology slides is worth examination. Here we describe key aspects of the structure and present examples of A-E slides that convey psychology content. These and other slides like them have been used in courses that the first author has taught to undergraduate students. We then examine how these aspects are congruent with multimedia learning principles.
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Catherine Grant – Screen studies as device?: Working through the video essay
The 2018 David Vilaseca Memorial Lecture

In this lecture, Professor Grant will take up some of the challenges set by Viktor Shklovsky in his 1917 essay “Art as Device” and explore the ways in which experimental modes of creative practice – in particular, the techniques and forms of digital remix and found footage-based video essays – can be put to the service of a project of de-habitualizing film and moving image studies. Professor Grant will show and discuss her own videographic experiments with what Cristina Álvarez López and Adrian Martin have referred to in her work as ‘the dispositif’: a game-structure in which parameters are set and then patiently carried out, with the results to be studied and sometimes tinkered with and taken further, perhaps in a future audio visual piece.
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