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James Koppel Coaching – Unleash your full potential as a software engineer
My teachings are drawn from many sources. Some are 50 year-old concepts which are little-known outside the research community. Others are amalgamated from the best writers in the software industry. And others yet are my own insights. All come from the philosophy that, behind the myriad languages and frameworks, there are just a few unifying ideas.
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november 2018 by jslu
The Startup Pyramid
Product/market fit has always been a fairly abstract concept making it difficult to know when you have actually achieved it. ... I ask existing users of a product how they would feel if they could no longer use the product. In my experience, achieving product/market fit requires at least 40% of users saying they would be “very disappointed” without your product. Admittedly this threshold is a bit arbitrary, but I defined it after comparing results across nearly 100 startups. ... You should measure your product/market fit as soon as possible because it will significantly impact how you operate your startup.
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october 2018 by jslu
[Miula 觀點] 成長駭客必備的MVP(最小可行產品)概念,到底哪個版本才比較正確?
其實 MVP 的概念,不在於最終的產品,而是在於一個商業觀念的市場驗證,做出第一個版本的產品來測試 PMF (Product-Market-Fit)。也就是說,其實最終產品是什麼,在一開始的時候根本不知道,或者是只有一個模糊的概念,但卻是隨時可以被替換更改的。為什麼要做最小可行產品 MVP 呢? 就是為了避免一開始就把整個產品都定義完成,但最後做出來的東西根本是市場不要的,而浪費了時間、金錢與精神。MVP 這個概念的真正精神,在於在市場測試後的修正彈性。
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december 2017 by jslu
[Russell Keith-Magee] Autopsy of a slow train wreck
despite the fact that failure happens all the time, we don't talk about it. We don't talk about why things fail. And as a result, many of the same lessons have to be learned over and over again. Those that experience failure often feel like they're doing it alone, because of the significant social stigma associated with failure.
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september 2017 by jslu
The software engineering rule of 3
Here’s a dumb extremely accurate rule I’m postulating for software engineering projects: you need at least 3 examples before you solve the right problem. Overfitting is a term for when see patterns in data and those patterns don’t generalize. When coding we’re often hyper-vigilant about optimizing for code deduplication, we detect incidental patterns that may not be representative of the full breadth of pattern that we would see if we knew all the different applications.
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august 2017 by jslu
Rondam Ramblings: Things I wish someone had told me before I started angel investing
Cool kids don't beg, they decide who they allow to invest in their companies. And they want investors... who know what they are doing, who have a thick rolodex of potentially useful contacts, and deep enough pockets to do follow-on investments.. If you want to make money angel investing, you really have to treat it as a full time job, not because it makes you more likely to pick the winners, but because it makes it more likely that the winners will pick you.
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august 2017 by jslu
Startup Graveyard – History Shouldn't Have to Repeat Itself
This site is a resource for entrepreneurs to avoid making the same mistakes as failed startups. We hope that this project can help de-stigmatize failure, increase transparency, create a community and improve the information on the site. It’s a lot to ask, but it starts here.
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may 2017 by jslu
[Business Insider] Jeff Bezos explains the perfect way to make risky business decisions
Learn to work with just enough data, aiming for most of what you need (70%) instead of gunning for near certainty (90%). .. Get comfortable with uncertainty by staying flexible after the decision is made. .. Instead of focusing on avoiding mistakes by making perfect decisions, become a master of "quickly recognizing and correcting bad decisions. .. Finally, for the biggies, turn the idea of buy-in/approval on its head. Go with "disagree and commit."
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may 2017 by jslu
[Inside] 新創公司招聘首批業務員最容易犯的5 個錯誤
本文作者是HubSpot 初創公司的創始人,他曾經招募了200 多名業務員,從中發現了一家新創公司在這個極為關鍵的招募過程中最容易犯的5 個錯誤。這五個錯誤分別是:1. 僱用一名高階主管;2. 太過看重從業經驗;3. 沒有將足夠的精力用來構思和完善「進入市場策略」;4. 忽視了銷售過程中的開發經驗;5. 招聘來的人都是「產品推銷者」而非「顧問式的銷售員」。"
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november 2015 by jslu
[iThome] 你能學會多少技術?
「辨識問題」是一個很重要的能力,不少人應該都有這類經驗:明明在你眼中顯而易見的問題,為何有些程式新手就是看不出問題;學的技術或理論越多,就要能辨識更多的問題,也才越能基於廣博知識來解決問題。 ... 時時承認「學不了所有的東西」,這樣我就能知道該學習的是辨識問題與面對失敗,而不是學習所有的技術,無論那是在硬體上的技術,或者是軟體!
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august 2015 by jslu
[Inside] 怎樣練習一萬小時
最關鍵的並不是練習的時間,而是練習的方法。 ... 真正的練習不是為了完成運動量,練習的精髓是要持續地做自己做不好的事。心理學家把人的知識和技能分為層層嵌套的三個圓形區域:最內一層是「舒適區」,是我們已經熟練掌握的各種技能;最外一層是「恐慌區」,是我們暫時無法學會的技能,二者中間則是「學習區」。只有在學習區裡面練習,一個人才可能進步。有效的練習任務必須精確的在受訓者的「學習區」內進行,具有高度的針對性。 ... 刻意練習是以錯誤為中心的練習。練習者必須建立起對錯誤的極度敏感,一旦發現自己錯了會感到非常不舒服,一直練習到改正為止。"
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june 2014 by jslu
[Taiwan 2.0] 品牌的本質
完成這三個層次的對映並不容易。企業必須透過使用者經驗與消費者行為研究,從個體的行為發現需求,再從需求發現價值。之後才能據以提出與消費者價值觀的一致的價值主張,並持續透過使用者經驗設計找出能滿足需求的解決方案,轉化為有用又好用的產品與服務。 ... 當企業不了解消費者的時候,就不會知道如何與消費者連結。在無法與消費者建立連結的情況下硬是要做品牌,做出來的東西就會非常空虛。拆掉品牌的名稱與華麗的包裝,就什麼都不剩了。台灣企業投入的資源不夠,主因是低估了設計的難度與創新的風險。發現需求就是件困難的事,而針對某個需求找出最好的解決方案更像是大海撈針。這些過程中當然有一些知識與方法可以運用,但整體來說還是有相當大的不確定性。"
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march 2014 by jslu
[Inside 網摘] 1997 年的賈伯斯 :先技術後產品,這個錯誤我犯得比在座各位都多
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march 2014 by jslu
So you want to manage a product? — Product Management
Things that weren’t in any job description. Here are the main four: 1. You’re not managing a product. You’re managing the problem it solves. 2. Your product is only as good as a user’s perception of it. 3. 3. Product Managers are neither designers nor engineers. 4. It’s not about being a star — It’s about managing a universe. ... Your designer is the design expert. Your engineer is the programming expert. And you, the product manager, are the expert on whether the design and functionality meet the specific user need at hand. ... I didn’t need to come up with the best idea in the room. I just needed to make sure that I got the right people in the room to foster a deluge of ideas from which I could select the best one." 中譯 http://goo.gl/hIa7Ys
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february 2014 by jslu
[Business Insider] The Only Interview Question That Matters
`What single project or task would you consider your most significant accomplishment in your career to date?' ... the real secret ingredient is not the question; that's just a setup. The most important elements are the details underlying the accomplishment. This is what real interviewing is about — delving into the details."
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february 2014 by jslu
[Inside] Nest Labs 創辦人 Tony Fadell 談如何設計好的產品
要給自己限制( Constraints),不能一直漫無目的的把願景(Vision)擴大下去,擴大到最後團隊會失去熱情與方向。 要規定好每個階段的時間,把假設寫出來,接著一個階段、一個階段的驗證,並實踐不同階段的里程碑。 ... 事實導向決策(Fact-based Decision)很容易,但那在產品推送出去之前不會有用,因為在有產品之前,使用者還不瞭解你在幹麼,這樣候的資料不管用。Opinion-based Decision 就是為什麼一個團隊需要領導者的原因,他要能假設、解釋、驗證每一個為什麼,尤其在沒有「Data(數據資料)」的時候。"
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january 2014 by jslu
[Inside] 募資不是終點,創業者真正該深思的四個問題
創業者該思考的問題是:1.什麼時候募集資金? 2.為什麼要募集資金? 3.向誰募集資金? 4.募集資金的結果,而這些問題都要從「創業是什麼?」這個問題出發。創業是什麼?:「新創公司是一種臨時性的組職,以尋找一種具有可重複性和可擴張性的商業模式」。 ... 不要把「募集資金」和「經營一間可持續發展的公司」混為一談。在完美的狀況下,你不需要投資者,而是完全利用來自客戶的收入。但為了實現擴大規模的目的,新創公司需要創投的資金。一旦有證據可以證明你的商品與市場是契合的,就盡可能的去募集資金,但在什麼證明都沒有之前不要這麼做。"
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december 2013 by jslu
[zonble] Spotify 如何打造產品?
我們接下來要討論以下的矛盾:像 Spotify 這樣成功的公司想要產出人們喜愛的產品,但是他們沒有出貨之前,也無法知道人們到底喜歡什麼。那,他們怎麼打造產品呢?本文的目的,就在於為 Spotify 的產品開發途徑做一摘要。"
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october 2013 by jslu
[XDite] 一趟 MVP 的旅程:在 Logdown 學到的幾件事
所謂的 Minimum 到底要砍到多少才是 Minimum ? ... 這幾個問題,也是我一路以來一直想知道的答案。 ... Faria 的老闆 Theo,曾經寫過一篇文章 Building Complete Products vs. Devices,我相當認同他的觀點。他提到一個「產品」,內容應該具有以下必備: 1. Support 2. Blog & Twitter 3. Demo Video 4. Setup & Getting Started 5. Print Materials 6. Behind the scenes 一直以來,我覺得台灣大部分的網站都是屬於他口中的「Device」 ... 最少功能並不是指實際上被開發的功能最少,而是經過「正規」「規劃」所做出的功能最少。幾乎都是「被很多使用者要求」「真的有必要」才作。 ... 不需要再擔心 Minimum Viable Product,Feature 太 Minimum 的問題,打造 Product 與 Device 是需要耗費完全不同等級的心力的...。"
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september 2013 by jslu

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