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Reflections on Random Kitchen Sinks
"Ed. Note: Ali Rahimi and I won the test of time award at NIPS 2017 for our paper “Random Features for Large-scale Kernel Machines”. This post is the text of the acceptance speech we wrote. An addendum with some reflections on this talk appears in the following post."
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10 hours ago by hallucigenia
Ask HN: Fully online CS degrees? | Hacker News
Any recommendations for a worthwhile, fully online CS program?
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10 hours ago by cothrun
Thematic Cartography Guide
A short, friendly guide to basic principles of thematic mapping.

In this short guide we share some insights and tips for making thematic maps. Our goal is to cover the important concepts in cartography and flag the important decision points in the map-making process. As with many activities in life, there isn’t always a single best answer in cartography, and in those cases we’ve tried to outline some of the pros and cons to different solutions.
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10 hours ago by liqweed

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