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Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects | Coursera
Learning How to Learn: Powerful mental tools to help you master tough subjects from University of California, San Diego. This course gives you easy access to the invaluable learning techniques used by experts in art, music, literature, math, ...
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19 hours ago by otlib
CS Unplugged
Games for children to learn computational thinking without a computer.
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19 hours ago by JulianDay
Framer Crash Course - YouTube
Learn the basics of design and code on Framer.
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19 hours ago by joao
Meet the Neural Network AI You Can Train Easily — Like a Dog
"To counter this assumption, Amsterdam-based designer Bjørn Karmann created The Objectifier, an artificially intelligent interface that can be easily trained by anyone to perform simple tasks, such as turning lights on and off with a gesture. To do this, it’s equipped with a camera that is enhanced with computer vision technology, and a simple neural net."
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19 hours ago by jonerp

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