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Stop Using word2vec | Stitch Fix Technology – Multithreaded
When I started playing with word2vec four years ago I needed (and luckily had) tons of supercomputer time. But because of advances in our understanding of word2vec, computing word vectors now takes fifteen minutes on a single run-of-the-mill computer with standard numerical libraries1.
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13 hours ago by ronert
Students learn more effectively from print textbooks than screens, study says - Business Insider
HN discussion: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=15502811
Students overwhelming preferred to read digitally. Reading was significantly faster online than in print. Students judged their comprehension as better online than in print. Paradoxically, overall comprehension was better for print versus digital reading. The medium didn't matter for general questions (like understanding the main idea of the text). But when it came to specific questions, comprehension was significantly better when participants read printed texts.
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18 hours ago by Styrke
Modular JavaScript Book Series
Modular JavaScript is an open effort to improve our collective understanding of writing robust, well-tested & modular applications. It consists of five books, each of which explores a key aspect of JavaScript development — comprehensively. The books are produced in the open: anyone can track their progress, report issues & contribute fixes or content. A free-to-read version is available online! Digital & print books can be purchased via O’Reilly Media
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