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Confide: The app for paranoid Republicans - Axios
Confide — an encrypted messaging app that deletes chats after they're read — is fast becoming a tool of choice for Republicans in Washington.
Numerous senior GOP operatives and several members of the Trump administration have downloaded the app, spurred by the airing of hacked Democratic e-mails.
What it is:
Confide is an almost exactly three-year-old chat app that encrypts messages end-to-end, meaning only the sender and recipient can read them. It uses its own encryption protocol that is similar to the PGP standard many people have used for their emails since the Edward Snowden leaks, according to Confide's co-founder and chief product officer Jeff Grossman,
The company's servers are in the United States, although Confide has a global user base.
It has raised more than $3 million from investors like Google Ventures, SV Angel and Billy Bush. Yes, that Billy Bush. (Confide investor Lerer Hippeau Ventures is also an investor in Axios.)
politics  gov2.0  trump  leak  messaging  privacy  security  encryption 
6 days ago by rgl7194
Daring Fireball: Confide Popular With Republican Politicians
I thought that Confide rang a bell. I hadn’t tried it personally until yesterday, but now I remember where I’d heard of it: in the early days of the Trump White House, there were reports like this one from Axios that leaking staff members were using it to communicate privately.
politics  gov2.0  trump  leak  messaging  privacy  security  encryption 
6 days ago by rgl7194
123 Million Americans Exposed In New Massive Leak
A new cloud storage misconfiguration has exposed millions of Americans’ personally identifiable information (PII), almost matching the scale of the infamous Equifax incident.
data-breach  equifax  leak 
9 days ago by Adventure_Web
All Islamists' activities monitored by Syrian Intelligence: document - Zaman al-Wasl, Jan 4, 2018
The document reveals that the al-Assad intelligence included all religious trends such as the Muslim Brotherhood, Salafist groups, or Sufi paths in their research, and did not leave a single field of activity unobserved whether sermons, da’wa, Quran memorization, Jihad, or teaching. Almost all of these different currents and activities received the same treatment which included, following up on their activities, conducting research on them, meeting and speaking to them, trying to persuade them to become closer to the regime, and plant intelligence agents in their ranks.
Scrutinizing the document shows clearly that the regime adopted a multi-faceted policy in its dealings with various Islamic currents. This policy is based on: monitoring, sorting, containment, and infiltration.
Mar15  intelligence  Syria  Muslim_Brotherhood  Intelligence_community  leak  Islamists  Salafis 
9 days ago by elizrael
What every Browser knows about you
The Google Geolocation API locates you without needing any permissions, and the error is only <50km if you're on a mobile network.

Websites can IP and port scan your local network:

OS, CPU and GPU information is available.
browser  data  leak  security  privacy 
12 days ago by dandv
Long Article on NSA and the Shadow Brokers - Schneier on Security
The New York Times just published a long article on the Shadow Brokers and their effects on NSA operations. Summary: it's been an operational disaster, the NSA still doesn't know who did it or how, and NSA morale has suffered considerably.
This is me on the Shadow Brokers from last May.
security  privacy  hack  shadow_brokers  gov2.0  leak 
14 days ago by rgl7194
Who Is Reality Winner?
Not every leaker is an ideological combatant like Edward Snowden and Chelsea Manning. Reality Winner may be the unlikeliest of all.
Reality Winner grew up in a carefully kept manufactured home on the edge of a cattle farm 100 miles north of the Mexican border in a majority-Latino town where her mother, Billie, still lives. From the back porch, a carpet of green meets the horizon, and when a neighbor shoots a gun for target practice, a half-dozen local dogs run under the trailer to hide. Billie worked for Child Protective Services, and in Ricardo, Texas, the steady income made her daughters feel well-off; the fact that they had a dishwasher seemed evidence of elevated social standing. Billie, a chatty redhead with the high-pitched voice of a doll, supported the family while her husband, Ronald, she says, “collected degrees.” It was Ronald who named Reality. The deal had been that Billie got to name their first — Brittany — but their second was his to choose. He noticed, on a T-shirt at their Lamaze class, the words I COACHED A REAL WINNER. He wanted a success story and felt that an aspirational name would increase his chances of producing one. Billie did not object; a deal is a deal.
privacy  security  whistleblower  gov2.0  military  politics  leak  russia 
16 days ago by rgl7194
Searching for Bitcoins in GitHub repositories with Google BigQuery - YouTube
Fun with coding - hacking together a Google BigQuery to look for Bitcoin private keys accidentally uploaded to GitHub repos, then running the addresses to see how much money they have.

Turns out nothing of value was found, and the processing of that amount of data cost more than the tiny amounts he found.
Google  BigQuery  Bitcoin  leak  hack  fun  video 
21 days ago by dandv

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