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Wahnsinns-. Die Offshore Cayman National Bank and Trust wurde gehackt und die Daten veröffentlicht. Geldwäsche…
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24 days ago by NullPlusEins
‘Absolutely No Mercy’: Leaked Files Expose How China Organized Mass Detentions of Muslims - The New York Times

“The methods that our comrades have at hand are too primitive,” Mr. Xi said in one talk, after inspecting a counterterrorism police squad in Urumqi. “None of these weapons is any answer for their big machete blades, ax heads and cold steel weapons.”
“We must be as harsh as them,” he added, “and show absolutely no mercy.”

In free-flowing monologues in Xinjiang and at a subsequent leadership conference on Xinjiang policy in Beijing, Mr. Xi is recorded thinking through what he called a crucial national security issue and laying out his ideas for a “people’s war” in the region.

Although he did not order mass detentions in these speeches, he called on the party to unleash the tools of “dictatorship” to eradicate radical Islam in Xinjiang.

“The psychological impact of extremist religious thought on people must never be underestimated,” Mr. Xi told officials in Urumqi on April 30, 2014, the final day of his trip to Xinjiang. “People who are captured by religious extremism — male or female, old or young — have their consciences destroyed, lose their humanity and murder without blinking an eye.”

Mr. Xi argued that Islamic extremism had taken root across swaths of Uighur society.

Mr. Xi’s remarks suggest he was alarmed by the revival of public piety. He blamed lax controls on religion, suggesting that his predecessors had let down their guard.

“We say that development is the top priority and the basis for achieving lasting security, and that’s right,” Mr. Xi said. “But it would be wrong to believe that with development every problem solves itself.”

Thousands of officials in Xinjiang were punished for resisting or failing to carry out the crackdown with sufficient zeal.

xinjiang  ccp  leak  papers  confidential  2019  policy 
25 days ago by aries1988
The OG Carter 5 Leak. All tracks as far as we know : hiphopheads
r/hiphopheads: Everything hip-hop! The latest mixtapes, videos, news, and anything else hip-hop related from your favorite artists.
wayne  og  carter  5  leak 
29 days ago by jgear
The Espionage Act Has Become an Abusive Censorship Tool - WhoWhatWhy
Last month NSA contractor Reality Winner was sentenced to 63 months in prison for giving to the Intercept information that confirmed Russian interference in the 2016 election. She was trying to help the public but instead was treated as a spy.
Her sentencing, critics charge, is more proof that US administrations have been misusing the Espionage Act of 1917 to incriminate well-meaning whistleblowers.
The irony with many whistleblower cases is that the defendants are accused of exposing harm that is being done to the US not by foreign powers but by the US government — as with Edward Snowden’s leak of the NSA spy program and John Kiriakou’s reveal of the CIA torture program.
In perhaps the most significant of all whistleblower cases, the publication of the Pentagon Papers in 1971 disclosed the real reasons the US kept committing more troops to Vietnam, a policy ultimately resulting in the death of almost 60,000 US soldiers, and over 150,000 wounded.  
What all these whistleblower cases have in common is that information was “leaked” with the intent of bringing to public attention material that some branch of government was trying to hide.
The rampant misuse of the Espionage Act goes back to the Obama administration, according to James Goodale, former general counsel for the New York Times, told WhoWhatWhy: “That administration did a tremendous disservice to whistleblowers.”
Goodale defended the New York Times in 1971 for publishing the Pentagon Papers, leaked by Daniel Ellsberg and Anthony Russo. The Nixon administration attempted to use the Espionage Act to censor the Times, but the Supreme Court ruled that the First Amendment protected newspapers from government censorship.
reality  crime  election  FBI  gov2.0  leak  NSA  politics  report  russia  whistleblower 
5 weeks ago by rgl7194
Friends of Reality Winner, Imprisoned Election Hacking Whistleblower
Who is Reality Leigh Winner?
Reality Leigh Winner is a 27-year-old US Air Force veteran who dedicated her career to serving the United States. Prior to becoming a federal NSA contractor, Reality served in the Air Force for 6 years, including as a language analyst — she speaks Pashto, Farsi, and Dari.
Reality was honored with the Air Force Commendation Medal, for members who have “distinguished themselves by meritorious achievement and service.” The award noted that she “provided over 1,900 hours of enemy intelligence exploitation and assisted in geolocating 120 enemy combatants.”
Reality has no criminal history and always devoted time to help those less fortunate. Her stepfather, Gary Davis, describes her as “a patriot,” while her mother, Billie Winner-Davis says, “She loves children. She loves animals … She’s not a threat to anyone.  Reality tries to help everyone.”
Outside of her work, Reality was a yoga instructor and a dedicated social justice advocate who spoke out when others fell silent.  Reality Winner is a caring person who only wants to help.
whistleblower  reality  russia  gov2.0  politics  report  leak  election  FBI  NSA  crime  FAQ 
6 weeks ago by rgl7194
Statement on Reality Winner Sentencing - Defending Rights & Dissent
Reality Winner has received the longest sentence ever given in federal court for leaking information to the media. Winner is a whistleblower and this outrageous sentence, which the prosecution has boasted is meant to send a message to would be whistleblowers, is just the latest escalation in the US government’s war on whistleblowers.
After pleading guilty to violating a single count of the Espionage Act, whistleblower Reality Winner has been sentenced to 63 months in prison followed by 3 years of supervised release. This is a draconian sentence, the longest ever given for leaking information to the media in a federal court.*
Winner was concerned with the integrity of US elections. In order to alert the public to what she believed was a critical threat to our election infrastructure, she gave classified information to The Intercept.
The government claims Winner harmed national security, but these claims, as claims of the government so often are, are laughably false. The Intercept, at the request of the National Security Agency, redacted the name of a Russian intelligence unit in the documents obtained from Winner. Yet, as Trevor Timm points out, the unit–GRU unit 744550–has been named in one of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictments. According to Timm, “The indictment went on to reveal information almost identical to that contained in the document Winner admits to disclosing[…]”
russia  gov2.0  politics  report  leak  election  whistleblower  FBI  NSA  reality  crime  legal 
6 weeks ago by rgl7194
Whistleblower Reality Winner sentenced to longest prison term in the history of federal leak cases
A federal judge has agreed to a plea deal negotiated by the Justice Department and whistleblower Reality Winner. For one count of violating Section 793 of the archaic Espionage Act, Winner will serve 63 months in prison and 3 years of supervised release—the longest sentence a source of the press has received in federal court in history.
Winner agreed to the plea in July after being accused of leaking a secret NSA report to the media that detailed how alleged Russian actors attempted to hack United States election infrastructure. She had confined in jail awaiting trial for over a full year without bail.
Freedom of the Press Foundation Executive Director Trevor Timm issued the following statement:
“Reality Winner is a whistleblower who alerted the public about a critical threat to election security. It is a travesty that the Justice Department continues to prosecute sources of journalists under the Espionage Act, a statute meant for spies that doesn’t allow for a public interest defense. Winner performed a public service by alerting the public and state officials to dangerous vulnerabilities in election infrastructure, and it’s shameful the Justice Department would seek any prison time for her doing so—let alone the longest sentence for such an act in history. ”
russia  gov2.0  politics  report  leak  election  whistleblower  FBI  NSA  reality  crime 
6 weeks ago by rgl7194
U.S. Claim That Reality Winner Harmed National Security Doesn't Hold Up
WHISTLEBLOWER REALITY WINNER was officially sentenced to 63 months in prison on Thursday, after a federal judge rubber-stamped a plea deal already agreed to by the prosecution and Winner’s lawyers. As the prosecution acknowledged, it is the longest sentence for a journalist’s source in federal court history.
The defense agreed to the plea deal in part to bring closure to Winner and her family. Her mother, Billie Winner-Davis, said when the plea was first announced that it was in her daughter’s “best interest” since the Espionage Act does not afford her any public interest defense.
But it should not bring closure to the crucial issues raised by this case, namely, the Justice Department’s contention that “national security” claims by the executive branch can never be challenged; that the executive branch has the sole authority to decide when information should be secret; and that the DOJ can prosecute journalists’ sources for “harming” national security with no public evidence whatsoever.
russia  gov2.0  politics  report  leak  election  whistleblower  FBI  NSA  reality  security  crime 
6 weeks ago by rgl7194
How my application ran away and called home from Redmond
I recently found a surprising leak vector in Windows 10 installations. We were porting our Beacon Application to Windows and for easy deployment. The plan was to create just one .exe including…
microsoft  windows  leak  applicationleak  windowsdefender  samplesubmission  sample  malware 
7 weeks ago by rdump
"The details from his Equifax class-action suit are BONKERS" / Twitter
Equifax class auction lawsuit reveals they used admin/admin, kept customer data in plain text on publicly-accessible web servers etc.
data  leak  against  Equifax 
7 weeks ago by dandv
Debugging hidden memory leaks in Ruby
Our existing tooling for debugging very complex memory leaks in 2019 is vastly superior to what we had 4 years ago! Mwrap, heaptrack and chap provide us with very powerful tools for attacking memory related issues both in development and production.

If you are hunting a simple memory leak in Ruby, I recommend my earlier article from 2015, most of it still holds.
memory  ruby  leak  memory-leak  debugging  profiling 
7 weeks ago by hellsten
A “Syrian Democratic Forces” Defector Speaks About the Role of the PKK and America in Syria | Kyle Orton's Blog
“The Arab Coalition’s only duty was to receive weapons”, Silo says. “As a matter of fact, huge quantities of weapons were received. But only light weapons were distributed to the Arabs, Turkomen, and non-Kurdish Syrians.” During the Minbij Operation, the formal commander was Adnan Abu Amjad, head of the “Minbij Military Council”, and it was to him that “all weapons were delivered [on paper]. … But it was theatre.” Arab SDF units have long complained that they were denied access to heavy weapons, and were instead kept away from the frontlines with IS and made to administer PKK rule in Arab-majority territory. “The USA knew about this”, says Silo. “All these games were played so as not to reveal that these weapons were delivered to the PKK.”

A “Minbij Military Council” was created and Turkomen units were announced to be party to it, “but there was nobody”, says Silo. “I even made up the names of the council that seemed to be connected to me. This was done at McGurk’s request.” After IS was pushed out of Minbij, says Silo, McGurk “wanted us to publish a statement saying that the SDF had rescued the city, that the YPG had pulled out of the city, and that the those [SDF elements] remaining in the city were their sons [i.e. locals]. There was no connection to the truth.”

A “Minbij Military Council” was created and Turkomen units were announced to be party to it, “but there was nobody”, says Silo. “I even made up the names of the council that seemed to be connected to me. This was done at McGurk’s request.” After IS was pushed out of Minbij, says Silo, McGurk “wanted us to publish a statement saying that the SDF had rescued the city, that the YPG had pulled out of the city, and that the those [SDF elements] remaining in the city were their sons [i.e. locals]. There was no connection to the truth.”
SDF  PKK  Mar15  leak  defectors  McGurk  Raqqa  DeirEzZor  weapons  obama_administration 
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