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was never meant to stand on its own for the work of RT
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4 days ago by jhill5
Trainings | Page 2 | Copy Chief
We ambassadors were talking about this the other day, because copywriters ask us this question all the time. Here's further reading courtesy of @AlixPenning. (Thanks, Alix.)

How do I find someone who wants to pay me? All about prospecting.

Angie Colee drops some serious knowledge bombs on upping your client base.

Joyce Hollman sets a high goal for her prospecting, and Angie shares tips.

How to Cold Contact.

How to get higher response rates to cold pitches (from Ross O'Lochlainn).

Max Rouzier shares how to pitch.
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14 days ago by cmananian
How to Get Sales Leads Online Fast (Tips for B2C)


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20 days ago by pamneely
Why both B2B and B2C business types should take advantage of for plans i…
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25 days ago by jhill5
How to Optimize Your Forms for Better Results

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4 weeks ago by mandigital
How to Get More Leads From Facebook in 2018

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7 weeks ago by pamneely
The Ultimate Guide to Growth Hacking for Exponential Success (2018)
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8 weeks ago by sharonhh
Want To Find Out My Favorite Techniques? Check Them Out Here …
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august 2018 by mandigital
Understand The Vicious Cycle That Kills Your Rate
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august 2018 by mandigital
Amazing 9 Word Email To Revive Dead Leads
A key when sending emails to prospects is to take things slowly and not try to force everything in at once.

I think a lot of time people are worried about not including some information and that if only they include it then the prospect will be convinced to move forward.

But that’s not the way people work.

Emails should be like any other interaction with a person and they should be a 2 way conversation.
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july 2018 by cmananian
How to Optimize Your B2B Forms for Better Results

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july 2018 by pamneely

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