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TESLA unter Strom - Der Kampf um die Zukunft des Autos - YouTube
Tesla und Co hat management probleme.
Musk hat intern Tesla und Co kein fuehrungsteam gebaut, und vertraut auch nicht sein "baby" anderen an.
Tesla  Elon  Musk  Cult  Leadership 
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design/tech-leadership-principles.md at master · buzzfeed/design · GitHub
A public collection of BuzzFeed Design documentation. - buzzfeed/design
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Prioritizing What Not to Do (Yet)
It’s incredibly powerful to prioritize not just what to do, but what not to do. I kept that memo printed on my desk. I marked it up as we made progress and resorted to finding new colors of pens and squiggles when I needed to represent changes along the way. I used it to keep myself grounded when I had those weeks where it felt like all hell was breaking loose around me.
prioritization  process  workflow  tasks  management  leadership 
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Life Without Chiefs - Marvin Harris
Can humans exist without some people ruling and others being ruled? To look at the modern world, you wouldn’ t think so. Democratic states may have done away with emperors and kings, but they have hardly dispensed with gross ine- qualities in wealth, rank, and power.
Pol.11  Pol.12  state  Power_materials  Violence_y_Power  Leadership  philosophy 
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Positioning the academic library within the institution; a summary ~ libfocus - Irish library blog
A wider perspective than this can help library leaders – that’s all of us by the way – to become what Sarah Brown from the University of Queensland described as ‘University people’. Sarah talked about the ‘One UQ’ philosophy, meaning that all of what they do is in support of the institution’s mission. Northumbria, led by Tony Woolley, aligns all of its library activities firmly with the KPIs as set out in the University’s strategic plan. It is to this set of KPIs that we can look to for guidance when we ask ourselves “what can I stop doing”. Our library activities need to ALL be in some way connected to a University goal. If they’re not, should we be doing them at all? A compelling quote from the day was from John Cox’s talk when he quoted a book (from 2005) that encouraged us to be ‘University people first, Library or IT people second’. We will all have to read John’s article for the full reference!
academiclibraries  leadership  libraryevaluation  impact 
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Why Are Enterprises So Slow? – zwischenzugs
tl;dr In this article I want to explain a few things about enterprises and their software, based on my experiences, and also describe what things need to be in place to make change  come about. Have you ever found yourself saying things like: Why are enterprises so slow? How do they decide what to…
enterprise  software  managemnt  slowness  business  management  leadership  complexity 
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When It Comes to Feedback, Start with Yourself
1. Start with Yourself
1a. It’s far easier to change yourself than it is someone else.
1b. Changing yourself leads to change in others.
1c. Your expectations drive other people’s behavior.
2. Giving Critical Feedback.
2a. Don’t be nice, be kind .
2b. Don’t do “The Sandwich”.
2c. Don’t jump into problem solving .
3. Create Space for Giving Feedback
4. Make Feedback Concrete
4a. Don’t personalize
4b. Do not “label” someone 
4c. Do not use “blur” words
5. Connect the Behavior to the Bigger Picture
6. Don’t Make it About Being Right or Wrong
7. Continuously Deliver Feedback
7a. Repeat yourself 
7b. Give feedback early and often
8. Deeper Feedback
9. Limitations of Feedback
9a. Going Beyond Feedback. Provide process to change habits.
10. Giving Praise
feedback  management  leadership  radicalcandor  crucialconversations 
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