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Why Software Development Requires Servant Leaders | Culture Foundry
GREAT ARTICLE : develop your own blocker radar.
Vague or contradictory requirements are the bane of a developer’s existence.
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3 hours ago by smarchi
Improvement/ Progress
Equality/ Fairness
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5 hours ago by devin
Women in Technology | Facts | How to stop women mid-career leaving tech
It didn’t surprise me that women were leaving tech mid-career. Anecdotally, I hear it a lot. But there’s nothing like empirical evidence to bring the message home.  The number of women leaving tech mid-career is double that of men. What’s more, they’re not leaving to stay at home and mind the kiddies. The majority of women either leave to work outside of tech or go to start their own business. This suggests that though we may have a pipeline issue in attracting women to technology, we have a bigger retention issue.

85% of women in technology say they love their work. Women aged 25-35 cite ‘dissatisfaction at their tech career prospects’ with lack of role models as one of the reasons why.
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12 hours ago by spaceninja
When It Comes to Feedback, Start with Yourself: A Manager’s Guide for Effectively Giving Feedback
Good management is difficult to master, and managers have the particularly difficult responsibility of providing significant feedback — to reports, to peers, and to their manager. Learning how to effectively give and receive significant feedback is the foundation for personal development and growth as a leader. These are guidelines and resources for effectively giving and receiving feedback, as well as guidance for when feedback alone is insufficient.
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12 hours ago by spaceninja
The Ping-Pong Theory of Tech Sexism
Sexism is subtle. It's insidious. It's rarely: "Her idea is bad because she's a woman," it's: "I'm not sure why, but something's telling me her idea is not good."
tech  sexism  culture  management  leadership  feminism  gender  comics 
12 hours ago by spaceninja
Power dynamics in pairs and mobs
Four years ago, I started first mob programming and then pair programming (and testing). I still think of mobbing as the gateway to pairing in situations where the power dynamics are hard or next to impossible like in my team. Imagine having to pair with a man who tells you "women only write comments in code". The pain of having to sit with that person, alone, is enough for many women to walk out. Their attitude shows in the mob too, but a group of people can help moderate, correct or even punish in ways that an individual on the lower end of the dynamic cannot.
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12 hours ago by spaceninja
How to Get Buy-in for Reducing Technical Debt
I remember his response vividly: “We're still looking for product-market fit, so the communication from the leadership team is: it's fine if we're bleeding a bit, but let them know when we're gushing out blood.” This gory analogy provided powerful clarity that now was not the time to spend a lot of effort getting the codebase in tiptop shape — though if things got really bad and productivity suffered heavily, we should raise a flag.
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12 hours ago by spaceninja
[Aaron Longwell] Why Software Development Requires Servant Leaders
The idea applies to any kind of leader, but I think it’s especially applicable to leaders of software projects, where the unique dynamics of unpredictability and complexity collide. ... Successful software managers find ways to be flexible; to bend without breaking and to resolve the tension gradually. Servant leadership can be a guide to finding this flexibility.
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21 hours ago by jslu
Unlearning toxic behaviors in a code review culture
I simply hope people take steps to provide constructive, actionable feedback and create more supportive environments, so developers feel comfortable to learn, grow, and make mistakes. We can all improve together.
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