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Severe flaw in WPA2 protocol leaves Wi-Fi traffic open to eavesdropping
It wasn't possible to confirm the details reported in the CERT advisory or to assess the severity at the time this post was going live. If eavesdropping or hijacking scenarios turn out to be easy to pull off, people should avoid using Wi-Fi whenever possible until a patch or mitigation is in place. When Wi-Fi is the only connection option, people should use HTTPS, STARTTLS, Secure Shell and other reliable protocols to encrypt Web and e-mail traffic as it passes between computers and access points. As a fall-back users should consider using a virtual private network as an added safety measure, but users are reminded to choose their VPN providers carefully, since many services can't be trusted to make users more secure. This post will be updated as more information becomes available. View article comments
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yesterday by seatrout
The story of a good man How Mikhail Gorbachev ended the cold war
"A man who had brought drastic change to the world …was a helpless victim of the cruelty and capriciousness of history.”It was a history that Mr Gorbachev himself had set in motion. Ever since the end of the Soviet Union, the question of “why” has lingered in Western, Russian and Chinese minds. Why did a man at the head of a superpower undermine his own authority? Did he simply fail to understand the consequences of his actions, or did he act out of courage and vision? How did Mr Gorbachev, the peasant boy turned Communist Party boss in a fedora, become the statesman who liberated his people from 70 years of lies and fear, end the cold war and bury the Soviet Union? Was he a product of the Soviet system, as he claimed, or its “genetic error”, as Andrei Grachev, an earlier biographer described him..Mr Gorbachev’s dignified retirement—far more than his politics—helps explain what made Gorbachev Gorbachev: a good man from the Soviet Union.
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yesterday by thomas.kochi
Q&A: Kyrgyzstan's President on Democracy, Islam, and Being Friends with Putin
What is an “Islamic caliphate”? It’s what Karl Marx and Vladimir Lenin had proposed, a society of justice. But this time it’s one based on the ideas not of Marxism but the so-called ideas of Islam. And as long as there’s no democracy or social justice in these countries, this fight against terror won’t lead to victory. As long as Muslims don’t see a third way—that there can be a Muslim country with democracy and one that prospers under it—then we can’t stop the radicalization of Islam. In Kyrgyzstan, we want to show just that to Muslim countries; our population is 90% Muslim.This is all interconnected, but the foundation for it can only be social justice. And the way to social justice is through democracy. So if we don’t build democracy in Kyrgyzstan, and democracy doesn’t spread across the region and the world, the world has a bleak future.
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7 days ago by thomas.kochi
So F**k Google!!! Now Allow Me To Explain…
Google champions net neutrality, and chides those evil ISPs they say will prioritize their own traffic. But Google literally WILL NOT LET YOU BLOCK THEIR SITES IF YOU ARE USING THEIR BROWSER (which roughly 45% of the people in the US are doing). If you are smart enough to force another browser, and block access to install Chrome via google.com, they WILL NOT LET YOU access the property most schools are using for managing classes.
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18 days ago by seatrout
RT hvac Do you have a plan for how to replace the strong in your company once they retire? …
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20 days ago by CHCP
If it’s outside the solar system I tend to yawn and roll my eyes and move on. In the solar system we have real information, real data, we can look at real stuff. Whereas, you know, the information out there is so sparse, it’s like, “Okay, fine.” It also has to do with the size of the ego of the researchers involved, which seems to increase with the distance from the Earth.
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5 weeks ago by seatrout
Why the Equifax breach is very possibly the worst leak of personal info ever
the 143 million US people Equifax said were potentially affected accounts for roughly 44 percent of the population. When children and people without credit histories are removed, the proportion becomes even bigger. That means well more than half of all US residents who rely the most on bank loans and credit cards are now at a significantly higher risk of fraud and will remain so for years to come. Besides being used to take out loans in other people's names, the data could be abused by hostile governments to, say, tease out new information about people with security clearances, especially in light of the 2015 hack on the US Office of Personnel Management, which exposed highly sensitive data on 3.2 million federal employees, both current and retired.
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5 weeks ago by seatrout
Aung San Suu Kyi says persecution of Rohingya is fake news
United Nations agencies said that 126,000 Rohingya had made the crossing in 12 days, four fifths of them women and children. Bangladeshi border guards said that the bodies of five more children were recovered yesterday morning after their boats capsized.

Recent arrivals report that as well as burning villages and shooting residents, Burmese soldiers have planted landmines along the border, apparently to prevent refugees from returning. Ms Suu Kyi, a former political prisoner who won the Nobel peace prize for her struggle for democracy in Burma, insisted that the conflict was the work of Rohingya “terrorists” who were deliberately disseminating fake information to create discord.
“We know more than most what it means to be deprived of human rights and democratic protection,” she said in a telephone conversation with President Erdogan of Turkey. “So we make sure that all the people in our country are
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5 weeks ago by seatrout
Import AI: Issue 58: AI makes facial identification systems see through masks, creating Yelp-foolin’ fake reviews, and automated creativity with pix2pix
Balaclava no more – researchers develop facial identifier that works through (some) masks:
…Researchers with the University of Cambridge in the UK, the National Institute of Technology and Indian Institute of Science have developed a deep learning approach to solving the problem of ‘Disguised Facial Identification’, aka, how to identify people at protests who have covered their faces.
…The approach relies on the creation of two new datasets, both of which contain 2,000 images each, and which label the 14 key points essential for facial identification on each person’s face. A simple variant of the dataset has simple backgrounds, while the harder version has noisy, more complex backgrounds. Both datasets appear to consist of portrait-style photographs, and feature male and female subjects aged between 18 and 30, wearing a variety of disguises, including: ‘(i) sun-glasses (ii) cap/hat (iii) scarf (iv) beard (v) glasses and cap
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6 weeks ago by seatrout
Indian court ruling on privacy puts ID scheme in doubt
Indians have a fundamental right to privacy, the country’s Supreme Court ruled unanimously yesterday in a verdict that could have implications for the world’s largest biometric identity scheme.

The nine-member bench of judges said that privacy was protected as part of an article in the constitution that protects life and liberty. Leaders of India’s opposition parties hailed the verdict as a “major blow to fascist forces”.
Rahul Gandhi, a leader of the Indian National Congress party, said that the decision was a rejection of the ruling party’s “suppression through surveillance”.
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6 weeks ago by seatrout

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