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Create OS-style backgrounds with backdrop-filter  |
Text contrast on dynamic backgrounds #

As stated earlier, backdrop-filter allows performant effects that would be difficult or impossible on the web. An example of this is changing a background in respone to an animation. In this example, backdrop-filter maintains the high contrast between the text and its background in spite of what's going on behind the text. It starts with the default background color darkslategray and uses backdrop-filter to invert the colors after the transform...
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yesterday by simolinic
Change Things Up With These Back-to-School Hairstyle Ideas
If you are looking to change your hair’s style, length, or color, keep reading and take note of these four fun back-to-school hairstyle ideas.
hairstyle  school  back-to-school  hair-trends  lob  bob  layers  bangs  fashion-color 
11 days ago by Adventure_Web
Ergodox EZ Configurator
A powerful, visual tool to configure your keyboard. Based on the open-source QMK firmware.
keyboard  layout  layer  layers  mechanical  keyboards  james-fysh 
8 weeks ago by nharbour

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