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Why Oracle’s Government Legal Battles Matter for Customers
"We are already seeing employees in the technology sector not wanting to work with the federal government or anyone else that they perceive to be part of the social justice problem. Employees are exerting pressure on executive management to forego government contracts that could be used to support issues with which they do not agree, like a boarder wall or military defense. This type of issue could impact Oracle with respect to hiring talent — and customers could also get pressure to no longer do business with Oracle."
oracle  aws  lawsuit  licensing 
8 days ago by jonerp
This Is What Happens When You Try to Sue Your Boss
Millions of American workers sign away legal rights without knowing what they're in for: Arbitration Hell.
office  legal  lawsuit  employment 
27 days ago by lalabadie
What You Should Know About Birth Injury Lawsuits
Birth injury could be cause for a legal case which, if won, would result in compensation for the parents. Here's what you should know about these kinds of lawsuits.
birth-injury  lawsuit  medical-negligence 
4 weeks ago by Adventure_Web

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