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New Rhode Island Acquired Real Estate Company Conveyance Tax Leaves Many Unanswered Questions | Adler Pollock & Sheehan P.C.
Effective July 1, 2015, Rhode Island now imposes a realty conveyance tax on the transfer of controlling interests in a “real estate company,” in addition to any other state taxes. Under prior law, if a person or business entity held real estate, a transfer of the real estate would be subject to the conveyance tax. If a person transferred interests in the entity holding the real estate, the person wouldn’t be subject to that tax. The new law closes this “loophole.” Under the new law, the transfer of a Rhode Island “real estate company” that makes that company an “acquired real estate company” triggers a $2.30 real estate conveyance tax for each $500 (or fractional part thereof) paid for the purchase of real estate through the acquired real estate company. To ensure compliance with the new law, a business entity making the transfer must both give notice to Rhode Island’s Division of Taxation at least five days prior to such a disposition and pay the tax due. The State will treat as fraudulent and void any transfer made without such notice and payment. Taxpayers are to use new Form CVYT-2 (Acquired Real Estate Company Conveyance Tax Return) together with the purchase and sale agreement to provide the Division with notice and payment of the tax. If Form CVYT-2 is properly completed and the tax is paid, the Division of Taxation will issue a Certificate of Payment of Tax within eight to ten business days.
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An Act respecting the rights of persons with disabilities who use service dogs

Was not passed.
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An Overview of the Law of Service Animals in Ontario (2017)
Lending a Helping Paw: An Overview of the Law of Service Animals in Ontario

Prepared for the Ontario Bar Association Annual Update on Human Rights,May 29, 2017

"In Ontario, the Blind Persons’ Rights Actdefines a guide dog as “a dog trained as a guide for a blind person and having the qualifications prescribed by the regulations”.13The regulation indicates that a dog is qualified as a guide dog if it has completed a training program by one of a specific list of organizations.1413.The Blind Persons’ Rights Actprovides certain rights to people who use guide dogs. In particular, it confers the right to be accompanied by a guide dog when accessing spaces where the public is customarily admitted, and to live in a “self-contained dwellingunit” with one’s guide dog.15It also allows the Attorney General to issue a card identifying the guide dog and its handler, which is deemed to be proof that the animal is a qualified guide dog under the Act in the absence of evidence to the contrary"

The Ontario regulatory regimes, however, do not make specific mention of a training requirement or of the need for training by a specific organization. Protections under the Human Rights Code have been extended to handlers who have trained the animal themselves to perform specific tasks. See e.g. Sweet v 1790907 Ontario Inc o/a Kanda Sushi, 2015 HRTO 433 [Kanda Sushi].

The Tribunal stated, “There is nothing in the Code which limits the definition of a service animal to one which is trained or certified by a recognized disability-related organization.” Allarie v Rouble, 2010 HRTO 61 at paras 9-12 [Allarie].
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Lead Hazard Mitigation: Definitions - RIGL 42-128.1-4
(ii) A "visual inspection" means a visual inspection by a property owner or designated person to determine that the lead-hazard controls have been met. If the designated person concluded that the lead-hazard controls specified in this chapter have been met, the designated person may complete an Affidavit of Completion of Visual Inspection. The affidavit shall be valid upon its being notarized within thirty (30) days after the completion of the visual inspection and shall set forth:

(A) The date and location that the designated person took the lead-hazard-control awareness seminar;

(B) The date and findings of the lead-hazard evaluation;

(C) The date and description of the lead-hazard-control measures undertaken;

(D) The date of the visual inspection; and

(E) The name and signature of the designated person and date of the Affidavit of Completion of Visual Inspection.

An Affidavit of Completion of Visual Inspection shall be valid for two (2) years after the date it was notarized, or until unit turnover, whichever time period is the longer, and shall be kept by the property owner for a minimum of five (5) years.
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Currently, the law carves out a narrow exception for information obtained during the Catholic sacrament of Penance and other religions’ similar penitential rituals, which bind clergy to secrecy. If the California legislature enacts Hill’s bill, that exception would disappear—and Catholic priests, bound by canon law not to disclose the contents of a confession, could face criminal prosecution and imprisonment for refusing to comply.The Catholic doctrine of the seal of confession dates back to the Fourth Lateran Council of 1215, which mandated that Catholics confess their grave sins to a priest via the sacrament of Penance.Eastern Orthodox churches do not have such an explicit rule, but they do have the same expectation of absolute secrecy surrounding sacramental confession. Interestingly, although America is historically Protestant, it has also historically recognized the binding power of the Catholic seal of sacramental confession. All fifty states and the District of Columbia have “privileges” built into their evidence codes that protect disclosures between penitents and priests, as well as other kinds of confidential communications with clergy whose faith forbids disclosure.Connecticut and Texas, have specifically eliminated the privilege. Several Australian priests have openly vowed to defy the laws and risk jail if they must, citing the inviolable nature of their duty of secrecy under a law they regard as more binding than any secular statute. If SB-360 becomes the law in California—and if Catholicism-hostile law enforcers decide to trap priests in their confessional boxes—we could well see another round of, if not martyrs, men willing to risk all for their faith.
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Ser un anfitrión responsable en España | Airbnb

Hemos creado este artículo para ayudar a los anfitriones en Airbnb a familiarizarse con sus obligaciones y ofrecer una visión general de las diferentes leyes, normativas y prácticas recomendadas que pueden afectarles. Debes respetar nuestras normas, incluidos nuestros estándares de hospitalidad, y asegurarte de que cumples la legislación local y otras pautas que se aplican a tus circunstancias específicas en el lugar donde te encuentras, tales como nuestros estándares contra la discriminación.

Te recomendamos que investigues por tu cuenta, ya que este artículo no contiene toda la información disponible acerca de esta cuestión y no puede considerarse asesoramiento jurídico o fiscal. Ten en cuenta que no actualizamos este artículo en tiempo real, por lo que debes comprobar todas las fuentes para asegurarte de que la información proporcionada no haya cambiado recientemente.
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