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Leadership, Trust and Intangible Services – Trusted Advisor
A leader of cats can’t just be the Greatest Cat: (s)he has the be the one who best understands cat-ness.
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january 2018 by markgould13
Ars Book Review: “Here Comes Everybody” by Clay Shirky | Ars Technica
Interesting interview following review of Shirky's book. Deals with the Coasean floor and the focus on process as opposed to product.
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april 2014 by markgould13
CETA Investor-State Dispute Settlement process “anti-democratic, unnecessary and unfair,” says NFU | 16 February-2013,
from the page: "a US energy firm is using investor rights and ISDS in NAFTA to challenge a ban on the environmentally harmful process of hydraulic fracturing ("fracking") for oil and gas in Quebec, demanding $250 million from the Canadian government. In Germany, a Swedish energy firm has taken a proposed phase out of nuclear energy to investor-state arbitration under the rules of the Energy Charter Treaty, asking €3.7 billion in compensation.. a US cigarette company is using a Hong Kong-Australia bilateral investment treaty to challenge Australia's right to introduce plain packaging laws – a legitimate public health measure adopted in many countries.. Investor-state arbitration is unaccountable and prone to corporate bias: The sharp increase in investor-state disputes over the past five years is fuelled by international law firms and arbitrators, who are making millions by challenging government policy.. These vested interests are actively promoting new cases, new investment treaties..
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march 2013 by willowtrees
3 Geeks and a Law Blog: Confusing Information and Knowledge
Blogging is the equivalent of a business leader talking to an auditorium full of employees and then taking all questions and comments. Micro-blogging is walking into the break room, finding a group of people and sitting down to discuss what you’re working on, except in a way that everyone else working on something similar can learn from that conversation. Wikis are like gathering around the conference table and hashing out an idea, except the conference table is big enough for the entire company to sit in on the meeting. <br />
<br />
Knowledge Management is, I think, about helping your company take advantage of these new technologies to tell stories better and maybe a little bit about managing information.
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june 2011 by markgould13

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