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BBC - Travel - Perfume in Provence: Visit, smell, create
Grasse, a medieval Provencal town with cobblestone streets, is still considered the perfume capital of the world, with 65 fragrance-related companies in operation.
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29 days ago by asaltydog
Hitchin Lavender
Lavender Farm close to London where you can pick lavender. Buy lavender oil, lavender soaps, lavender gifts, lavender candles, lavender bags, lavender gift sets, lavender lemonade from our lavender farm.
garden  plants  skincare  health  beauty  perfume  lavender  oils  nurseries  hitchin  hertfordshire 
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2 Easy Ways to Make Lavender Oil (with Pictures) - wikiHow
How to Make Lavender Oil. Long loved for its delightful fragrance and beauty, lavender oil may also be used to soothe injured or itchy skin, aid sleep, or simply create a pleasant massage oil.
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july 2019 by asaltydog
Musées de Grasse
Les 10 ans du MIP En savoir plus Musée International de la Parfumerie En savoir plus Musée d'Art et d'Histoire de Provence En savoir plus Photos & Videos En…
museum  history  perfume  garden  plants  lavender  grasse  alpes-maritimes  provence  france 
november 2018 by asaltydog
Lavender Fields Provence France 2019 | When, Where & Where to Stay
Lavender Fields Provence | Guide to the Lavender Fields Season in Provence, France in 2019: When to go, where to go & our collection of the best hotels & places to stay in Provence; luxury agriturismo farm stays, rural retreats & boutique lavender farm hotels.
travel  guide  boutique  farmhouse  holiday  lavender  nurseries  provence  france 
september 2018 by asaltydog
LASEA Weichkapseln 28 St online günstig kaufen - Pharmasana
LASEA Weichkapseln 28 St günstig bestellen bei der Versandapotheke Pharmasana. Schneller Versand ✓ Günstige Preise ✓
lavender  anxiety  capsules 
september 2018 by ingekuijper
Fragonard, Parfumeur à Grasse depuis 1926
La Maison Fragonard fabrique ses produits dans ses trois usines réparties sur la Côte d’Azur.A travers une visite didactique, partez à la découverte des étapes de création du parfum et des cosmétiques ! Entrée libre et visite guidée gratuite.
skincare  health  beauty  perfume  lavender  oils  grasse  alpes-maritimes  provence  france 
september 2018 by asaltydog
LAVENDER PLANT CARE - Planting, Growing, Caring For Lavender Plants
     There are two types of cuttings, old wood and new growth tip cuttings. Woody cuttings have some of the old woody growth attached whereas tip cuttings are just that, 2-3" long new growth tips. Learn how to grow Lavender from cuttings and information about growing Lavender from cuttings below.

     To root your cuttings place your starts in small pots of well drained sandy potting mix. You may dip each cutting into rooting hormone prior to potting up. Keep these new Lavender cuttings at about 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

     Check frequently and keep the soil moist and in about six weeks you should be able to give each cutting a little tug. If you feel resistance then that means you now have roots grabbing hold of the soil.
garden  lavender  pruning 
july 2018 by richard84
& for Clearing Ceremonies & Personal Aura Body Cleansing
SMUDGE  Lavender  bundles  Sage  from twitter_favs
june 2018 by randyhilarski

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