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'The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’ Kids, 20 Years Later
The NYT's audio piece featuring interviews of the real life people featured on the classroom interludes of "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill"--20 years later. Whattttttttt?? So much nostalgia! (Did you know the teacher in the skits was Ras Baraka, who now Newark's mayor?!)
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Ready or Not (Fugees song) - Wikipedia
Reflecting on the recording process, Pras said: "At one point, the group had disbanded. [Lauryn Hill] had left the group at this point and we didn't know what we were going to do. She calls me and says, 'Listen, I'm going to come down to the studio and I'm going to lay down a reference for you guys, a hook. I give you permission to use my hook, my voice, but I don't want to be a part of this group anymore.' I said, 'Fair enough. No problem.' She said, 'Make sure certain people are not around when I'm there.' I said, 'No problem.' She's laying the reference for 'Ready Or Not' and then she goes into the bridge and she's crying. I see her crying. She stops and says, 'I can't do this anymore,' and leaves. A couple months later she re-joins the group. She said, 'Let's do 'Ready or Not' again 'cause I was crying. It was emotional.' She goes in the studio to do 'Ready Or Not' again. She was in there five hours doing the hook. Every hit is incredible. But we go back and say, 'There's something about that reference. I don't know if we can touch that.' We end up keeping the reference. That's what the world has come to hear. There's something about that record… That's magic."[5]
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The Rise & Fall of the Femcee - Hip Hop Golden Age Hip Hop Golden Age
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Hip  Hop  female  musicians  rappers  MCs  artists  Brandon  King  (HHGA)  music  history  black  history  Lauryn  Hill  Angie  Stone  Queen  Latifah  Salt-n-Pepa  TLC  (band)  Lisa  Lopes  (Left  Eye)  Missy  Elliott  Eve  (singer)  Nicki  Minaj  Iggy  Azalea  Rah  Digga  Lil  Kim 
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First Listen: 'Nina Revisited... A Tribute to Nina Simone'
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I’m Thinking About Getting Rid Of My Physical Music Collection. Hold Me. | VSB
Hip Hop black culture VerySmartBrothas (VSB) CDs (Compact disc) physical products/formats Signed goods merch Music library and collections collections Vinyl Lauryn Hill TLC (band) Panama Jackson (writer musician)
Hip  Hop  black  culture  VerySmartBrothas  (VSB)  CDs  (Compact  disc)  physical  products/formats  Signed  goods  merch  Music  library  and  collections  collections  Vinyl  Lauryn  Hill  TLC  (band)  Panama  Jackson  (writer  musician) 
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