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R help - Understanding padding in lattice
Understanding padding in lattice. Dear R-users, I am trying to understand what the different padding arguments in trellis.par.set are exactly controlling the space around lattice plots. I have...
R  lattice  grid  layout  key 
9 weeks ago by hmhxxx
lattice legend positioning example · GitHub
lattice legend positioning example. GitHub Gist: instantly share code, notes, and snippets.
R  lattice  key  legend 
9 weeks ago by hmhxxx
[R] multiple rugs on a single plot
The rug function will take line and position arguments for the location
of the rug plot, so you can do something like:

> rug( x1, line=0 )
> rug( x2, line=1 )
> rug( x3, line=2 )
R  lattice 
november 2018 by pgt150

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