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RT : Almost ALL of those killed in were . And yet I see no mention of this in headlines or in ch…
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Texas top ten percent policy provides a cautionary lesson
July 8, 2019 | hechingerreport | by JILL BARSHAY

Texas’s policy to automatically admit the top students in each high school to the state’s flagship universities didn’t expand the number of high schools that send students to Texas A&M University, College Station.

One proposal to boost the number of black and Latino students in elite schools is to cream the top students from every neighborhood or community, rather than admitting only the top students on a national or statewide yardstick. That way the brightest Latino students in a predominantly Latino school, for example, can get a shot at a coveted slot that they otherwise might not get. Bill de Blasio, New York City mayor and Democratic presidential candidate, has floated this idea for diversifying his city’s elite high schools.

But the state of Texas provides a cautionary lesson for how much this sort of well-intended reform can accomplish. Research is showing that a policy that takes the top students from the state’s high schools didn’t increase diversity in Texas’s elite universities or increase the number of high schools that feed them.
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5 weeks ago by jerryking
Becoming Ghosts: The Public Veiling of Puerto Ricans in New York City
Mentions Boricua Power...
In recent years Puerto Ricans in New York City have become difficult to locate in the public realm. This is a paradox given that Puerto Ricans make up the largest Hispanic subgroup in the larger metropolitan region. This study examines how, when, and why Puerto Ricans became publicly invisible in New York City.
Through content analysis of archival newspapers, interviews with local politicians’ offices and local residents, analysis of demographic data, and ethnographic fieldwork in historically Puerto Rican neighborhoods in the 2012-2013 academic year, I examine the impact of changes in local demography, media, politics, and culture on the public identity of Puerto Ricans in New York City. With respect to demography, the Puerto Rican has become increasingly dispersed throughout the region, as well as increasingly dispersed among other Latinos. The result is that Puerto Rican concentration has lessened in historically Puerto Rican neighborhoods, contributing to declining visibility. What has not changed, however, is the high poverty rate, the low labor force participation, the low median income, and the low levels of educational attainment that many local Puerto Ricans continue to face.
In the media, local news reports about Puerto Ricans have dwindled, and in their place, news reports about Hispanics have flourished
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6 weeks ago by Jibarosoy
Brooklyn Street Dedicated to Latino Activist Angelo Falcón
Among his many initiatives, Falcón founded the Institute for Puerto Rican Policy in 1982. The name would change to the National Institute for Latino Policy in 2005 but the mission remained the same, to use data and analysis to influence policy makers in ways that would benefit the Hispanic community and a social justice agenda.

"Angelo spent his entire life turning the tables on those of authority. He went after people in politics and corporations and even in our own community if he felt they were not measuring up, not being held accountable for the things they were doing wrong,” said Jose Ramon Sanchez with the National Institute for Latino Policy.
Personal  Sanchez  Angelo  NILP_Board  Latinos  Power_in_America 
8 weeks ago by Jibarosoy
Men of Color in Fantasy Art
Non-Eurocentric fantasy/sci-fi/horror art and inspiration depicting heroes, villains, gods and monsters.
Queer  Blacks  Latinos  Asians  Arts  Painting 
11 weeks ago by dbourn
Tio Choko - La Chona Challenge - YouTube
Aww. But Houston's way too humid for me.
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april 2019 by lmatthew
Democrats Plan a Dozen Primary Debates for 2020 Candidates - The New York Times
With nearly three dozen Democrats pondering a presidential bid, party officials anticipate a rush of candidates eager to grab a spot in the nationally televised forums. Depending on the size of the field, the committee may decide to split the debate over two consecutive evenings in the same location, Mr. Perez said, and would conduct a random selection process that would take place publicly to determine which candidates speak on which nights. He did not elaborate on how that process might work.
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december 2018 by Jibarosoy
▷SEE IT: Woman erupts in racist tirade on NYC subway, attacks another passenger, only to be foiled by Platano Man! ▷New York Daily News
After fiddling with her phone, the woman then spits at another passenger and yells: “F---in chink.”

“Your white privilege ain’t working here. F--- outta here with that racist s--t,” Platano says. “You already know she voted for Trump.”

Platano Man then moves closer and mocks her.

She spits on him and calls him Muhammad.

“B-tch, I’m Dominican,” he says. “I just had a bacon egg and cheese yesterday. Literally the whole world is laughing at you.”

The woman then slaps at him and he pounces and holds her to the ground.

“We’ve gotta detain her till the cops come. I’m not going to hit a woman, but do not spit on me,” he says, and then puts her into a headlock.

Platano Man later posted a picture in which he appears to be holding the woman before cops arrive.

Lushchinskaya of Brooklyn was arrested shortly after getting off the train on 8th Ave. She was also arrested for assault in June.
Latinos  newyork  Violence_y_Power  racism 
december 2018 by Jibarosoy

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