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Democracy Political Power and Authority
A exercises power over B because both actors share consensus on the rules of the game. Nor is it correct to claim that such an exercise of power over B is contrary to B’s interests—Lukes’ definition of power (2005: 37). Part of, if not the entire reason for B conceding defeat to A is precisely that both A and B share a common interest in, and understanding of, the democratic process, which trumps their interest in winning. Structural reproduction is the common good of democracy as a set of institutional procedures for containing conflict.
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How You Could Fall Victim To Conspiracy Theories | HuffPost Life
It works like this: You feel socially excluded and begin believing conspiracy theories. Endorsing those theories, unsurprisingly, prompts your family and friends to exclude you even more. You’re left out again and again, so you double down on your conspiratorial beliefs.
The final stage of the cycle: You seek out a like-minded community that accepts and reinforces your conspiratorial beliefs.
“At that point they become unchangeable,” Study author Alin Coman, assistant professor of psychology and public affairs at Princeton University, told The Huffington Post.
“Social exclusion leads to search for meaning,” Coman continued. “We believe that this search for meaning ‘overshoots’ in a way that makes people assign meaning to situations that are highly ambiguous and meaningless.”
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Conspiracy Theories Abound. Here’s How to Curb Their Allure.
To Wang, the three studies showed that conspiratorial thinking is something that can be changed. If you can increase conspiracy proneness by removing personal control, it stands to reason “you can actually shift someone’s mindset so they see fewer conspiracies,” she says.
That’s a heartening finding in a world where conspiracies are flourishing. For example, Wang and her coauthors suggest that government organizations such as the Centers for Disease Control can increase public trust by promoting messages that emphasize the ways individuals have control over their health outcomes.
In future research, Wang hopes to understand the downstream effects of conspiratorial thinking. Are people who believe in conspiracy theories more prone to aggression, for instance?
She also wants to study people’s ability to distinguish real and false conspiracies. Skepticism of powerful institutions is healthy and sometimes warranted: after all, Richard Nixon really was behind the Watergate break-in.
“Are people able to tell actual conspiracies from fake conspiracies?” Wang wonders. Particularly in the age of “fake news,” if people could detect authentic abuses of power, “that would be a big thing that would help society.”
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What Does This Professor Know About Conspiracy Theorists That We Don’t? - The Chronicle of Higher Education
I teach a course on conspiracy theories, and one of the exercises is that I have them design their own conspiracy theory. I tell them, "The crazier the better." Some of them involve, like, "Donald Trump is a robot." All sorts of weird things. Then they go to the internet and get all the evidence they could, and sort of string it together. And by the time they’re done they have a fairly convincing case.

And then they had to switch with another student, who would then debunk it and tear it to shreds. When the student who made up the conspiracy theory had a chance to respond to the debunker, a lot of times they were offended, even knowing that they made it up.
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EVERYDAY MAKERS AND EXPERT CITIZENS Building Political not Social Capital
"Since the elitist myth of the governing class seeks to eliminate the people in connection with the destiny of society, this myth explodes when it is confronted with the fact that without the people, the rulers are as free spirits wandering lonely, dejected and unemployed in an empty world. But without rulers dominating their existence, the people, on the contrary, find that very freedom that calls forth their most creative efforts. Elitism places blind faith in an appropriate governing class. The democratic ideal incorporates a tempered trust in the wisdom and creative genius of the people" (Easton, 1947:418)
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A Companion to Cultural Geography
Drawing from a range of contemporary political and social theory, John Agnew (chapter 15) charts the varied approaches that have developed to both understand- ing and, at times, dismissing nationalism. He surveys the strengths and limitations of territorial, diasporic, ethnic, religious, gendered, and landscape-based interpre- tations of the idea and practices of nationalism. Audrey Kobayashi approaches the concept of “race” as both a way of life deeply embedded in the European colonial past and lived out in the present as a taken-for-granted reality and as an analytical concept (chapter 16). The chapter begins with a review of the concept of “race” as it is understood in contemporary antiracist geography, then moves to a brief analy- sis of how the production of antiracist geography has developed in three contem- porary Western and Northern contexts. Nancy Duncan and Stephen Legg (chapter 17) review the reasons why class has remained relatively neglected by cultural geo- graphers, in spite of the tremendous interest shown in subjectivity and identity formation. They argue that while there are some good reasons why older notions of class in geography have been seen as unhelpful in understanding questions of identity, there is also no inherent reason why this should be so. In fact, they suggest, certain reworked Marxian and other dynamic and relational notions of class could contribute greatly to cultural analysis.
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This article analyses over 400 life trajectories of ordinary peasants in order to complement top-down studies of the Rwandan political transition. Changes and differences according to the ethnicity of the respondents shed light on the Hutu–Tutsi bi-polarity which underlies the transition and reveal a reversal in perceived ethnic dominance accompanying the de- cisive moment in the political transition: the overthrow of the Hutu- dominated regime by the Tutsi-led RPF. This suggests that the experience of the nature of governance and the (perceived) proximity to power lies at the heart of ethnic awareness. The nature of governance at the periphery of society is explored, and the article demonstrates that the instrumental stance on ethnic identity adopted by the post-genocide regime is not only erroneous but counter-productive. Adjusting the socio-political environ- ment in which identities thrive is more important than a direct focus on identity constructs when developing policies to prevent ethnically structured violence.
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Governance, Consumers, and Citizens - Book Intro
Governance is, rather, an ongoing activity that involves the creation and recreation of meanings. Of course people inherit ideas and are influenced by their social context, but they also play an active role in creating, modulating, or rejecting the beliefs that then inform their actions. So, processes of governance do not naturally reflect or respond to external conditions: people do not just act out social facts about themselves, be it their class, gender, or status; nor do they adopt beliefs and actions in a passive reflection of some social discourse. Rather, culture and indi- vidual agency are integral to any adequate account of governance.
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The Politics of Evasion
“The melting of all that is solid” 60
The state, Latham contends, may not be as unique as first thought as a producer of both permanence and temporariness. Institutions such as private property and forces associated with globalization also exhibit this duality. Consideration is given to the relationship between these broader global – and historical - contexts and the state. Mr V suggests that more fluid and transitory contexts explored by postmoderns may, counter-intuitively, open up the possibility of restoring a progressive, just state. Latham reminds Mr V that within those broader contexts is located the basis for hyper-security and the neoliberal state.
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Post-Foundational Political Thought - Taking on the Political Book
[Use this to establish the pre-existence of community and power before the construction of the state]..."the political assumes the role of something which is of an entirely different nature: the principle of autonomy of politics, or the moment of institution of society. As differentiated from politics, the notion of the political cannot be assimilated to social differences, to repetition, tradition, sedimentation, or bureaucracy. Like other figures of contingency and groundlessness, such as the event, anta- gonism, truth, the real, or freedom, the political dwells, as it were, on society’s non-ground, which makes itself felt in the differential play of the political difference. But society’s absent ground is not ‘merely’ absent. It (re-)appears and is supplemented by the moment which we may call, with reference to J. G. A. Pocock’s ‘Machiavellian moment’ (1975), the moment of the political.
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Foucault's Overarching Concept of Power as Governmentality
Power is typically seen as a form of domination, which is operative when agents pursue their interests in conflict with others. Foucault Challenges the prevailing and reductionist conception of power in terms of domination, conflict, and interests. He proposes instead an overarching approach to power as the ability to make a difference. To provide this concept with analytical purchase it has to be viewed as relative to context, which situates and identifies power relations in relation to each other. It is in this light Foucault's reference to power as a complex strategical situation should be seen, where power is immanent in the structuring of context. This refers among other things to the governing of self and others, meaning that it deals with the nature and scope of the political power of authority broadly considered.
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Reggaeton Mix 2019 ★ Lo Mas Escuchado Reggaeton 2019 – Musica 2019 Lo Mas Nuevo Reggaeton
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<a rel="nofollow" href="">Reggaeton Mix 2019 ★ Lo Mas Escuchado Reggaeton 2019 – Musica 2019 Lo Mas Nuevo Reggaeton</a><br />
<a rel="nofollow" href="">Reggaeton Mix 2019 ★ Lo Mas Escuchado Reggaeton 2019 – Musica 2019 Lo Mas Nuevo Reggaeton</a><br />
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<a rel="nofollow" href="">سناب بلس</a>
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State fragility: Towards a Multi-dimensional Empirical Typology
The paper proceeds as follows: Firstly, we argue the case for a differentiated view of state fragility and for moving from a uni-dimensional to a multi-dimensional concept. We then provide a brief review of the current debate on fragile states in order to derive the main categories that constitute fragility. Thirdly, we present the approach adopted in this paper. Here, we describe how we conceptualise and measure our three dimensions of fragility. Fourthly, based on statistical data, we present empirical results that identify seven groups of states that are characterised by specific constellations of our dimensions. We then present possible policy implications for each group. In our conclusion, we discuss strengths and limitations of the classification exercise presented here and some ways forward.
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Power in everyday life | PNAS
How does power manifest itself in everyday life? Using experience-sampling methodology, we investigated the prevalence, sources, and correlates of power in people’s natural environments. Participants experienced power-relevant situations regularly, though not frequently. High power was not restricted to a limited few: almost half of the sample reported experiencing high-power positions. Positional power and subjective feelings of power were strongly related but had unique relations with several individual difference measures and independent effects on participants’ affect, cognition, and interpersonal relations. Subjective feelings of power resulted more from within-participant situational fluctuation, such as the social roles participants held at different times, than from stable differences between people. Our data supported some theoretical predictions about power’s effects on affect, cognition, and interpersonal relations, but qualified others, particularly highlighting the role of responsibility in power’s effects. Although the power literature has focused on high power, we found stronger effects of low power than high power.
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