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Moncada (2016) says that their annual competitiveness of LA city's rankings are is influential among investors
LatinAmerica  MNCs 
6 weeks ago by vottasullivan
Lilly Family School of Philanthropy:- Global Philanthropy Index
The 2018 GPEI reveals that while the regulatory conditions for philanthropy showed improvements in six of the 11 regions from 2015, the overall philanthropic environment in about 40 percent of countries and economies evaluated remains restrictive. The political environment presents significant challenges to philanthropic activity. The average score measuring the political environment (3.41 out of 5.0) was the lowest average score of all five factors studied. The Middle East and Northern Africa ranked lowest on political environment among the 11 regions studied, followed by Sub-Saharan Africa and Latin America. More positively, economies with favorable philanthropic environments are linked with higher economic indicators such as per capita GDP.
philanthropy  research  europe  easterneurope  asia  americas  Africa  latinamerica  academic  index 
7 weeks ago by sdp
8 IPR and Standards in Emerging Economies | Patent Challenges for Standard-Setting in the Global Economy: Lessons from Information and Communications Technology | The National Academies Press
Read chapter 8 IPR and Standards in Emerging Economies: Patent Challenges for Standard-Setting in the Global Economy: Lessons from Information and Communi...
IP  law  latinamerica  brazil 
7 weeks ago by colindocherty
Arroz Con Pollo
Classic dish of Spain and Latin America, this arroz con pollo recipe is browned chicken cooked with rice, onions, garlic, and tomatoes.
recipe  southamaerica  latinamerica  chicken  rice  onion  garlic  tomato 
10 weeks ago by garrettc
Where are the deadliest cities on Earth? This shows that 84% of them are in . Only 3 are outside…
LatinAmerica  map  from twitter_favs
11 weeks ago by csabatino
‘This Route Doesn’t Exist on the Map’ | The New Republic
How efforts to block refugees and asylum-seekers from Europe have only made the global migration crisis more complex and harrowing
immigration  personalaccount  LatinAmerica  Brazil  Mexico  USA  NewRepublic  2018 
march 2018 by inspiral

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