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Countering China's Efforts to Isolate Taiwan Diplomatically in Latin America and the Caribbean
March 2019 Rand report
How can Taiwan optimize its development assistance to Latin America and the Caribbean to ensure that it gets the maximum diplomatic value out of its generosity? What aid programs does Taiwan currently undertake in the region, and what does it get from its efforts? How does Taiwan's assistance fit with U.S. policy goals and giving in the region? Are there areas where adjustments could be made that would produce synergies between Taiwan and U.S. efforts while also reducing the temptation on the part of regional governments to de-recognize Taipei and switch ties to Beijing?

This report explores these questions and finds that, on the whole, Taiwan's assistance to the governments of Latin America and the Caribbean is well-received, improving desired outcomes such as enhancing local livelihoods and contributing to greater resilience and more rapid disaster recovery and relief.
rand  taiwan  china  latin_america 
5 days ago by strohps
AmeliCA vs Plan S: Same target, two different strategies to achieve Open Access. – AmeliCA
AmeliCA is a multi-institutional community-driven initiative supported by UNESCO that arises in response to the international, regional, national and institutional contexts of Open Access, which seeks a collaborative, sustainable, protected and non-commercial solution for Open Knowledge in Latin America and the Global South (AmeliCA, 2018). This institution of Commons was launched at the Conference of CLACSO on November 21, 2018, in the "UNESCO Special Forum: Democratization of acade...
openaccess  openscience  latin_america  redalyc  plan_s 
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Allende's Opponents Press Demand for His Resignation
Chile, 1973. Comparison to coup in Venezuela today.

SANTIAGO, Chile, Sept. 9 (UPI)—The provincial leaders of Chile's opposition Christian Democratic party today urged their national leadership to demand the resignation of President Salvador Allende Gossens and call for national elections.

After a closed‐door meeting of the party, they said they had suggested “the National Council demand, as the only democratic solution, a return of power to the people, which implies the resignation of the President of the republic, as well as all of Congress.”

“It is thus that Chileans, freely and democratically, can elect their new leaders,” the provincial leaders said.

The Christian Democrats, a center party, control the largest bloc of seats in Congress. President Allende rules through a coalition of leftist parties.
chile  salvador_allende  latin_america  coup  US_colonialism 
4 weeks ago by oceanicbeloved
Valley of Square Trees – Anton Valley, Panama - Atlas Obscura
A small valley in panama, on the slopes of an active volcano, has trees with square trunks, for reasons that nobody quite understands.
nature  panama  latin_america  trees  environment 
december 2018 by johnmfrench
The Future of Latin America and the Caribbean in the Context of the Rise of China
Nov 2018 CSIS report
This report examines, in detail, how the growth of China, with its power and role in the global economy, is likely to transform Latin America and the Caribbean through economic, political, and other forms of engagement with the region. The report considers multiple scenarios regarding the future of China, the resolution of its security challenges, and possible departures from its current trajectory. It focuses primarily on the question of what Latin America and the Caribbean will look like if China succeeds in its ongoing economic and political engagement in the region.

It examines economic sectors to understand how the region will be transformed through its intimate economic relationship with China and its part in a global process in which Chinese companies continue to expand their presence in the region. While the report also looks at military issues and the likely evolution of Latin America’s relationship with the United States, it finds equally dramatic implications for China’s willingness to use its soft power in the region.
csis  china  latin_america  economy  diplomacy 
december 2018 by strohps

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