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koppi/alsa-midi-latency-test: Measure the roundtrip time of MIDI messages
Measure the roundtrip time of MIDI messages. Contribute to koppi/alsa-midi-latency-test development by creating an account on GitHub.
midi  alsa  mixxx  latency 
4 days ago by rryan
Idle Until Urgent — Philip Walton
The way this IdleValue class works is it schedules the initialization function to be run during the next idle period. If the idle period occurs before the IdleValue instance is referenced, then no blocking occurs and the value can be returned immediately when requested. But if, on the other hand, the value is referenced before the next idle period, then the scheduled idle callback is canceled and the initialization function is run immediately // nice.
webdev  programming  javascript  latency  perf 
19 days ago by yorksranter
Keyboard latency
Actually measuring USB keyboard latency: useful for stats on response retrieval.
latency  stimulus-presentation  experiments 
28 days ago by resub
Heat Maps
Heat maps allow three dimensions of data to be visualized, similar to weather radar maps where color is used as a dimension. As data is quantized into buckets, they are practical for handling large datasets, such as performance monitoring metrics across thousands of servers.
devops  latency  map  visualization  heatmap  graph  heat 
29 days ago by devnulled
z0mbie42/latency: The simplest tool to test latency from multiple locations
The simplest tool to test latency from multiple locations - z0mbie42/latency
golang  latency 
4 weeks ago by geetarista
Numbers Every Programmer Should Know By Year
Визуализация задержек для программистов
latency  visualization  programming  caches 
5 weeks ago by gregoryvit

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