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God Takes Care Of Himself - lastwingedthing - Generation Kill [Archive of Our Own]
He wants to run, push his body right up to the edge of his limits and then past them, feel the burn and the satisfaction of remaking his physical body into something that's one step closer to perfection. But they're down to one meal a day now, have been for weeks. Rudy needs that energy for his brothers, for his team. For his TL; Pappy always needs him, and Rudy needs to be there for Pappy.

Instead he walks, frustratingly slow, right to the edge of their little camp. The sky's yellow-grey and the air gritty with dust, heat weighing him down worse than the fucking MOPP, but for Iraq it's not so bad. Looking out, he can almost see the horizon, sand meeting sky.

The camp's got the message, he doesn't want company. There's quiet voices behind him, and Rudy catches his name, but months of practise mean that ignoring the noise of the men behind him comes easier than breath. Facing out into the desert, he can't see anything or anyone alive: it's as good as being alone. [3009]
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march 2011 by scorpionvoices
Study Break
Nate’s already starting to regret agreeing to have his study group around for dinner – they’ve just spent the past five hours cramped up in a tiny room in the library studying together, why the fuck did he consent to taking them home with him after that – when he sees the man sitting slumped at the top of the stairs to Nate’s apartment. Even from a distance, he’s obviously familiar, but he’s in the shadows and for some reason it’s taking a long time for Nate’s brain to start working and figure out where the hell he knows him from.
generationkill  slash  nc-17  fanfiction  nate/ray  futurefic  lastwingedthing 
march 2010 by lindish

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