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OK Check-In — The Imagine Nation Collective
Imagine Nation Collective and it's affiliates use the "OK Check-In" System. The system is a tool allowing players to communicate with each other out of character about their well-being without pausing the flow of play around them. The basics of the concept can be found below. via Pocket
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9 weeks ago by ChristopherA
Inside the larps that let human players experience AI life - The Verge
Game designers are using artificial intelligence to explore everything from racial discrimination to cathartic emotion. But all these games touch on different forms of helplessness and frustration for the AI players. The games have radically different inspirations and goals, but they all end up asking the same question: what does it feel like to be someone else’s software?
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10 weeks ago by sjmarshy
Military Fanboys Are Obsessively Reenacting America’s Next Civil War
Military simulation and role-playing war games are increasingly popular in the U.S.
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january 2019 by thejaymo

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