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"Laravel 5.5 API Resources" vs "spatie/laravel-fractal"
Interesting forum discussion comparing and discussing the merits of using Larave 5.5's API Resources features and the PHP Fractal library (or a Laravel wrapper for the Fractal library).
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yesterday by racl101
flugger/laravel-responder: A Laravel Fractal package for building API responses, giving you the power of Fractal with Laravel's elegancy.
Library that uses Fractal PHP library underneath for API resource (data) transformation but, also, facilitates HTTP responses in JSON format for a RESTful API.
github  library  laravel  package  fractal  api  development  response  http  restful  guide  reference  tolearn  totry  tounderstand  howto  example  documentation 
yesterday by racl101
PHP Traits overview: Advanced PHP
A lot of the time you dont want all of your classes to inherit all the same code
trait  laravel  inheritance  parent  sharedmethods 
3 days ago by overloader
Laravel 5 Repositories | l5-repository
Laravel 5 - Repositories to abstract the database layer
laravel  repository  pattern 
3 days ago by matteo.orefice
Use the Repository Design pattern in a Laravel application
I previously wrote about how to build a task app with Laravel and Vue.js. Laravel is a PHP framework for building scalable web applications and APIs. Vue.js is a Javascript framework and alternative…
laravel  repository  pattern  design  oop  software 
6 days ago by matteo.orefice

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