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Flexible, Versatile: Lenovo Launches Suite of Yoga Laptops in Singapore
Computing giant Lenovo of ThinkPad fame has announced the launch of three new Yoga devices during its event in Singapore today. Catering to a wide variety of users with different backgrounds, Lenovo’s range of devices promise great flexibility in form and in function.  At the top of the pack is the Lenovo Yoga C930. Pen-enabled...

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Flexible  Versatile:  Lenovo  Launches  Suite  of  Yoga  Laptops  in  Singapore 
5 days ago by vrzone
OpenBSD on a Laptop
A guide to a secure and streamlined installation of OpenBSD 6.4 on a laptop.
bsd  computers  desktop  hardware  openbsd  Howto  IFTTT  laptop  laptops  linux 
11 days ago by xer0x
Ditching Windows: 2 Weeks With Ubuntu Linux On The Dell XPS 13
My surprises began with the speed of Ubuntu's installation. It took literally four minutes from start to finish, including selecting my region, a username and a WiFi network to download updates in the background. Four minutes you guys! That's extraction, installation, setup. Within four minutes I was ready to log in and get to work.

Beyond that, no additional drivers were needed. Ubuntu properly detected all of my XPS 13 hardware including WiFi adapter and the gorgeous 4K touchscreen. Function keys, touchpad, webcam, yep. On my first visit to the Gnome-based desktop environment, I even noticed that font scaling was set to 200% to compensate for the display's high resolution. And there was a "nightlight" option for reducing blue light in darker environments? Awesome!

Bonus points: on first boot, Ubuntu presents a screen to opt out of data collection.
windows  linux  laptops 
20 days ago by Chirael
Putting an ed tech darling in context - The Hechinger Report (Mooresville, NC)
delayed gains (nothing for first three years)

“I think what’s impressive about Mooresville comes into focus when you think about cost-benefit analysis. They were able to have this [math] increase, but they were able to do it without spending a lot of money,” she said. “To me, that’s impressive.”
northcarolina  mooresville  laptops  research  impact  evaluation 
21 days ago by WBedutech

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