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5 days ago by jeffjensen
[ubuntu] After upgrade to 17.10, trackpad buttons does not work
This fix worked longer than the one involving the on/off button:
1. Power down and disconnect power cord.
2. Unplug all peripherals.
3. Remove battery.
4. Wait 10 minutes.
5. Reinstall battery.
6. Connect power cord.
7. Boot computer and test to see if condition is gone.
8. If good so far, now you can reconnect peripherals.
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5 days ago by lmoon
The best laptop ever made
I concur with Marco Arment. And his closing statement, "I hope it’s not the best laptop that will ever exist."
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6 days ago by glass
The best laptop ever made •
Marco Arment:
<p>Apple has made many great laptops, but the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro (2012–2015) is the epitome of usefulness, elegance, practicality, and power for an overall package that still hasn’t been (and may never be) surpassed.

Introduced in 2012, less than a year after Steve Jobs died, I see it as the peak of Jobs’ vision for the Mac.

It was the debut of high-DPI Macs, starting down the long road (which we still haven’t finished) to an all-Retina lineup. And with all-SSD storage, quad-core i7 processors, and a healthy amount of RAM all standard, every configuration was fast, capable, and pleasant to use…

…I recently returned to the 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro after a year away.

Apple still sells this model, brand new, just limited to the integrated-only GPU option (which I prefer as a non-gamer for its battery, heat, and longevity advantages), but I got mine lightly used for over $1000 less.

I thought it would feel like a downgrade, or like going back in time. I feared that it would feel thick, heavy, and cumbersome. I expected it to just look impossibly old. It didn’t.

It feels as delightful as when I first got one in 2012. It’s fast, capable, and reliable. It gracefully does what I need it to do. It’s barely heavier or thicker, and I got to remove so many accessories from my travel bag that I think I’m actually coming out ahead.

It feels like a professional tool, made by people who love and need computers, at the top of their game. It’s designed for us, rather than asking us to adapt ourselves to it. It helps us perform our work, rather than adding to our workload.

This is the peak. This is the best laptop that has ever existed.</p>

I'm typing this on a 2012 model. Recently got the battery replaced; Apple cleaned the whole thing. Like having a brand new machine.
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8 days ago by charlesarthur
The best laptop ever made –
"Apple has made many great laptops, but the 15-inch Retina MacBook Pro (2012–2015) is the epitome of usefulness, elegance, practicality, and power for an overall package that still hasn’t been (and may never be) surpassed."
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8 days ago by mechazoidal

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