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LAPD Officers Who Shot 103 Rounds at Two Innocent Women Violated Policy - The Atlantic
It took almost a year, but a civilians oversight board has finally decided that the eight Los Angeles Police Department officers who shot over 100 rounds at two innocent women were not acting in accordance with department policy.
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26 days ago by po
The LAPD Has a New Surveillance Formula, Powered by Palantir
"Because they over-patrol certain areas. If you’re only looking on Crenshaw and you’re only pulling Black people over then it’s only gonna make it look like, you know, whoever you pulled over or whoever you searched or whoever you criminalized that’s gonna be where you found something" - member of a focus group convened by the Stop LAPD Spying Coalition
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may 2018 by tarakc02
Palantir Knows Everything About You
an undercurrent of this that occurred while i read -- in the same way that cops now show up to black lives matter protests in surplus military gear and tanks, here is a story about tools designed to fight a war, being deployed domestically by employers against their employees and by police against citizens, nearly two decades into this endless war.

also this paragraph is amazing:

> As Thiel’s wealth has grown, he’s gotten more strident. In a 2009 essay for the Cato Institute, he railed against taxes, ­government, women, poor people, and society’s acquiescence to the inevitability of death. (Thiel doesn’t accept death as inexorable.) He wrote that he’d reached some radical conclusions: "Most importantly, I no longer believe that freedom and democracy are compatible." The 1920s was the last time one could feel “genuinely optimistic” about American democracy, he said; since then, "the vast increase in welfare beneficiaries and the extension of the franchise to women—two constituencies that are notoriously tough for libertarians—have rendered the notion of 'capitalist democracy' into an oxymoron."
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april 2018 by tarakc02
RT : Remember the off-duty officer Kevin Ferguson who was was caught on video last year firing a gun during a conf…
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january 2018 by DocDre
For some it might just be a cat. But to others it’s a friend, a loved one, a companion. The has a motto, “To…
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december 2017 by richardorvince
For some it might just be a cat. But to others it’s a friend, a loved one, a companion. The has a motto, “To…
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december 2017 by jeremydfranklin
For some it might just be a cat. But to others it’s a friend, a loved one, a companion. The has a motto, “To…
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december 2017 by userX
RT : Garcetti is worried Angelenos will resist & that - when he uses to force compliance - cops will get hurt…
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june 2017 by kitoconnell
Video of hundreds protesting in overnight after video of off-duty officer's altercation with teen su…
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february 2017 by kuesclues
RT : We have just won the "Best of Houzz 2017 Design award"!
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