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‘A Nasty Name for a Nasty Thing’: A History of Cunt - Whores of Yore
Let’s turn to the etymology first. Cunt is old. It’s so old that its exact origins are lost in the folds of time and etymologists continue to debate where in the cunt cunt comes from. It’s several thousand years old at least, and can be traced to the old Norse ‘kunta’ and Proto-Germanic ‘kuntō’; but before that cunt proves quite elusive. There are medieval cunty cognates in most Germanic languages; kutte, kotze and kott all appear in German. The Swedish have kunta; the Dutch have conte, kut and kont, and the English once has Cot (which I quite like and think is due a revival). Here’s where the debate comes in; no one is quite sure what it actually means. Some etymologists have argued cunt has a root in the Proto-Indo-European sound ‘gen/gon’, which means to "create, become".
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Eve: Programming designed for humans.
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Nominalizations Are Zombie Nouns - The New York Times
"Nouns formed from other parts of speech are called nominalizations. Academics love them; so do lawyers, bureaucrats and business writers. I call them “zombie nouns” because they cannibalize active verbs, suck the lifeblood from adjectives and substitute abstract entities for human beings."
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Gladly Lerne, Gladly Teche: Crisis of Diplomacy
Among the most important of early diploma-bearers, or diplomats, were those certified representatives of political power authorized to conduct business as surrogates of the monarch. What such people did, or were supposed to do, was early recognized as the important craft, skill, or art that we call diplomacy. This is a considerable evolution from a folded piece of paper, but language will have its revenge, and there will always be a whiff of doubleness wherever diplomats gather.
20 hours ago by cjmcnamara
Gerbil Scheme · vyzo/gerbil Wiki
Gerbil is an opinionated dialect of Scheme with a state of the art macro and module system on the Gambit runtime.- similar to racket's #lang stuff
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Nyheter på lättsvenska
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6 Tips for Being Trans Inclusive in Your Conversations About Reproductive Rights - Adios Barbie
In thinking about how to make this conversation trans-inclusive, I find it useful to apply the framework of reproductive justice to these conversations in place of reproductive rights. Reproductive justice is a concept that was developed by a caucus of Black feminists during a pro-choice conference in 1994. They contend that the long history of a single-issue focus on abortion has failed to produce true justice in the realm of reproductive health, particularly for poor folks, people of color, and other marginalized groups. Instead, they argue that when we attend to the broader socioeconomic barriers that prevent people from having access to reproductive health care, abortion, and the funds and services necessary to raise a child, we are able to develop a much more nuanced movement that can hold a diversity of experiences.
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