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Stop Using word2vec | Stitch Fix Technology – Multithreaded
When I started playing with word2vec four years ago I needed (and luckily had) tons of supercomputer time. But because of advances in our understanding of w...
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9 hours ago by geetarista
How Latin became the language of the Roman Empire | Unravel Magazine

most importantly of all, the Etruscans gave the Latin-speaking people the means to make Latin a written language: an adapted version of a Greek alphabet.

Surprisingly, it is more structurally similar to Central Asian Turkish than any of the Italic languages, or even its contemporaries farther afield such as Punic, Greek, or Gaulish [4].
latin  language  origin  history  italia  comparison 
11 hours ago by aries1988
Iberia’s children: A short history of why Portuguese and Spanish are different | Unravel Magazine
Once upon a time, Portuguese and Spanish were, basically, dialects of the same language: Latin, the language of the Roman Empire. Hundreds of years later, how have Portuguese and Spanish grown apart, and why? And will they always be different?
Iberia  espagna  portugal  history  comparison  explained  language 
11 hours ago by aries1988

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