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Learn Latvian with Instant Immersion
Understand the basics of the Latvian language and develop speaking skills you need to become confident and conversational in social interactions with up to 3 levels of our interactive software and audio.
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7 hours ago by briangrimshaw
WIPP Exhibit: Message to 12,000 A.D.
This place is not a place of honor.
No highly esteemed deed is commemorated here.
Nothing valued is here.
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7 hours ago by mookieproof
Tim Stevens on Twitter: "@handcoding Also talking with the copy desk and social teams on this end too, FYI. Really appreciate you flagging me."
(This is your Twitter conversation with Tim Stevens about terms like “handicapped” and “wheelchair bound.”)
"Also talking with the copy desk and social teams on this end too, FYI. Really appreciate you flagging me."
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23 hours ago by handcoding
Using Art to Investigate Catastrophe: A Q&A With Mariam Ghani, the Artist Daughter of Afghanistan’s President | Art for Sale | Artspace
And the last project I would mention in relation to your question is The Trespassers, a 105-minute video about the role of translators in the so-called "global war on terror.” In this piece, the camera follows a magnifying glass as it reads declassified official documents line by line, while Dari and Arabic speakers simultaneously translate the text. I was trying to foreground the importance of translation in this endless war. So much intelligence, and so many decisions made over the past fifteen years, have depended on the translated words of Dari, Pashtu, and Arabic speakers, and so little has been documented about how the actual process of translation. I felt like these translators were ghosts in the records. Every time you read an interrogation transcript you know the interrogation could not have happened without a translator. But the translator’s presence is rarely recorded. If you read enough of these transcripts you become really interested in the missing translators.
Did you find some of these ‘ghosts in the records?’
I did find some of them. But they can’t legally talk about what they experienced. Translators from the diaspora had the highest security clearances, because they were US citizens, so many of them participated in interrogations of “high-value targets,” meaning that they saw a lot of screwed-up stuff. And I think many of them came back pretty traumatized. Meanwhile, in the Afghan-American community, the choice to become a military translator has always been controversial. Families have become quite divided over this issue.
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yesterday by shannon_mattern
Social Justice Synonyms #18: “Crippled” and “Paralyzed” | The Talon
"It’s ableist to use the term ‘crippled' because it contributes to the idea that people with disabilities are “less competent.’"
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yesterday by handcoding

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