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RT : Crews will be heading to an outage affecting 2687 customers in area. Updates:…
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Why LinkedIn is Important for the Financial Professional
Why LinkedIn is Important for the Financial Professional, from Socialware Blog | Social Business Management for Financial Services
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october 2011 by scottpierce
Scientific Method (Stargate SG1; G)
The last thing Catherine needed right now was another over-eager, starry-eyed officer on her team whose only concern was making Major before her next birthday.
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november 2010 by mischief5
ICML 2010 Tutorial on Learning through Exploration
"This tutorial is about learning through exploration. The goal is to learn how to make decisions when the payoff of only a chosen action is observed rather than all choices. The setting we address is simpler than general reinforcement learning, because we consider situations where future rewards are not affected by past decisions, although the algorithms we discuss do have applications in this more general setting."
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june 2010 by shivak
A suggestion from John/Jean
Use some of the training data to grow mini-experts, one for each subset of features, then use the rest of the data to figure out how the mini-experts complement one another. Why? To avoid incoherence conditions.
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may 2010 by shivak
What’s the difference between gambling and rewarding good prediction?
John equates financial risk for investing with regret in online learning, and comes to boring conclusions.
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may 2010 by shivak
Importance weighted active learning
Computationally tractable, loss-function agnostic active learning with realistic, finite-sample generalization guarantees. Generalization of the disagreement coefficient to different loss functions, and a minimax lower bound that is tighter than Kaariainen's. Empirical evaluation.
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