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Mindfulness Over Matter : Ellen Langer
Social psychologist Ellen Langer outlines the need for mindfulness in our relatively mindless society.
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Startup, das den Möbelkauf im Einzelhandel total revolutionieren möchte.
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Ellen Langer: Science of Mindlessness and Mindfulness - Website
Social psychologist Ellen Langer's unconventional studies have long suggested what brain science is now revealing: our experiences are formed by the words and ideas we attach to them. Naming something "play" rather than "work" can mean the difference between delight and drudgery. She is one of the early pioneers — along with figures like Jon Kabat-Zinn and Herbert Benson — in drawing a connection between mindlessness and unhappiness, between mindfulness and health. Dr. Langer describes mindfulness as achievable without meditation or yoga — as “the simple act of actively noticing things.”
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Book: Mindfulness
... the mindless following of routine and other automatic behaviors lead to much error, pain and a predetermined course of life. To be mindful, she notes, stressing process over outcome, allows free rein to intuition and creativity, and opens us to new information and perspectives.
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Hatching Ideas, and Companies, by the Dozens at M.I.T. - Hannah Seligson, New York Times
A chemical engineer by training, Dr. Langer has helped start 25 companies and has 811 patents, issued or pending, to his name. That’s not too far behind Thomas Edison, who had 1,093. . . .

Dr. Langer and his lab, including about 60 postdoctoral and graduate students at a time, have found a way to navigate some slippery territory: the intersection of academic research and the commercial market. . . .

There are many other academic laboratories, including highly productive ones, but the Langer Lab’s combination of people, spun-out companies and publications sets it apart.
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