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jhillyerd/enmime: MIME mail encoding and decoding package for Go
enmime is a MIME encoding and decoding library for Go, focused on generating and parsing MIME encoded emails. It is being developed in tandem with the Inbucket email service.

enmime includes a fluent interface builder for generating MIME encoded messages, see the wiki for example Builder Usage.
email  lang:go  MIME  is:repo 
8 hours ago by cdzombak
miekg/dns: DNS library in Go
DNS library in Go. Contribute to miekg/dns development by creating an account on GitHub.
type:library  lang:go  dns 
28 days ago by endorama
qmuntal/stateless: A fluent library for creating state machines in Go
A fluent library for creating state machines in Go - qmuntal/stateless
type:library  lang:go  state  machine 
10 weeks ago by endorama
rogchap/v8go: Execute JavaScript from Go
Execute JavaScript from Go. Contribute to rogchap/v8go development by creating an account on GitHub.
type:library  lang:go  javascript 
10 weeks ago by endorama
weppos/publicsuffix-go: Domain name parser for Go based on the Public Suffix List.
The package publicsuffix provides a Go domain name parser based on the Public Suffix List.
domains  dns  lang:go  security  is:repo  public-suffix-list 
12 weeks ago by cdzombak
twitchtv/twirp: A simple RPC framework with protobuf service definitions
Twirp is a framework for service-to-service communication emphasizing simplicity and minimalism. It generates routing and serialization from API definition files and lets you focus on your application's logic instead of thinking about folderol like HTTP methods and paths and JSON.
rpc  grpc  rest  json  lang:go  is:repo  protobuf 
october 2018 by cdzombak

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