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Contexts  |  Dialogflow
Contexts represent the current context of a user's request. This is helpful for differentiating phrases which may be vague or have different meanings depending on the user’s preferences, geographic location, the current page in an app, or the topic of conversation.
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16 days ago by DASKAjA
Faster iterations on Kubernetes with freshpod
If you are using Minikube or Docker for Mac/Windows to run your Kubernetes deployments locally, I have developed a tool to restart containers automatically when their images are rebuilt: Check out freshpod on GitHub!
lang:en  Docker  Minikube  Kubernetes  Development  Restart 
18 days ago by DASKAjA
(3) The Alexa skill you're not supposed to have (Google Home skill 2018) - YouTube
This is the 2018 tutorial on how to create the Alexa Google home skill created by the amazing Ross. This tutorial uses his fantastic code here and if you prefer written instructions they are in the 'read me'
lang:en  Video  Alexa  Skill  GoogleHome  GoogleAssistant 
18 days ago by DASKAjA

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