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TMate SubGit: Import Book
There are two SVN repository import approaches: - subgit import command, that allows to set all the import parameters and run the import using one single command - and subgit import with preliminary subgit configure that allows to create SubGit configuration file to tune all the import parameters.

Both approaches allow to achieve the same result, but the second one is handier as it provides possibilities to perform more precise import parameters tuning and allows to use a regular text editor to set the configuration while the first approach requires all the parameters to be set directly in the command line.
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5 weeks ago by DASKAjA
TMate SubGit
TMate SubGit is a tool for teams that migrate from SVN to GitLab. It converts SVN repositories to GitLab and allows you to work with both systems simultaneously.
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5 weeks ago by DASKAjA
Kubespray – Kubernetes Community Project – Kubespray Deploys Clusters to Public Clouds
KubeSpray is an incubated Kubernetes
community project for deploying K8s clusters on
premises or in the cloud.
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5 weeks ago by DASKAjA

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