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Noah Bradley's Free Photo Reference Megapack
All 18GB of my reference, all for free. Use it for personal and commercial projects with zero attribution. The photos are all at the full resolution from my cameras and feature landscapes, architecture, wildlife, skies, and more. These work great for photobashing as well as they do for studies. Packs included: - Bucharest & London. - Australia. - New Zealand. - American Southwest. - Switzerland. - Iceland. - England & France. - Yosemite. - Caves. - NEW: Scotland! Go make awesome art....
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27 days ago by Glutnix
The landscape studies of Hayman Rooke (1723-1806)
After his military career, Major Hayman Rooke undertook detailed studies of landscape, ancient trees, natural history, meteorology, and ancient and Roman Britain. He was linked into a broad network of friends and correspondents, including landowners such as Earl Bathurst and the duke of Portland, and their agents (among them Humphrey Repton); he was also connected to numerous learned societies. Information from these sources, coupled with his wide-ranging reading and first-hand observations, gave him a unique perspective on the landscape.
This book examines Rooke's work, showing how landscapes were interpreted and understood in the eighteenth century; more broadly, it offers new insights into the antiquarian movement of the time. It is richly illustrated, making use of many of Rooke's own sketches and drawings. EMILY SLOAN gained her doctoral thesis from the University of Nottingham. Publication date: June 2019.
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21st Century Landscapes
In this image series, Planet explores landscapes unique to this century—high-resolution satellite images of landscapes that have been completely transformed since January 1, 2000. Each of these 21 true-color images is exactly 2 kilometers (6,562 feet) across, and collected by a SkySat satellite with a resolution of 0.8 meters per pixel.
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december 2018 by milesevenson
Noah Bradley's Free Photo Reference Megapack
18GB, all for free. Use it for personal and commercial projects with zero attribution.

The photos are all at the full resolution from my cameras and feature landscapes, architecture, wildlife, skies, and more. These work great for photobashing as well as they do for studies.

Packs included:

- Bucharest & London

- Australia

- New Zealand

- American Southwest

- Switzerland

- Iceland

- England & France

- Yosemite

- Caves

- NEW: Scotland!

Go make awesome art.
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october 2018 by hellp

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