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Monument Valley Mittens shadow - Bing images
Bing Spotlight photo 12 Dec 2018 - (not of shadow, though)
Bing  photography  landscape  Spotlight  travel  desert  geology 
19 hours ago by pierredv
Producing Successful VR Screenings for an Audience of Any Size
Hot on the heels of Tribeca Film Festival, we’ve experienced a surge of questions from clients about immersive theaters for 360 film. It’s old news in the VR world that syncing mobile VR devices such…
vr  landscape 
yesterday by jacobzimmer
4 Lessons VR and 360 Video Filmmakers Can Learn From the Theater
As it turns out, the secrets to VR and 360 video storytelling for filmmakers may hide on-stage with the classical theater experience.
landscape  vr 
yesterday by jacobzimmer
4 Easy Ways to Incorporate Holiday Lights into Your Landscape this Season
As you prepare your home exterior for the holidays this year, consider these four easy ways to light up your landscape for the holidays.
holiday  lights  landscape 
2 days ago by Adventure_Web
Solved: A Decades-Old Ansel Adams Mystery - Atlas Obscura
To determine these two “whens,” they first had to figure out each “where”: the exact location of Adams’s tripod when he released the shutter. The rippled landscape of Moon and Denali provided clues. “The foreground of [the photograph] includes geological features known as ‘cirques,’ semi-circular steep-sided hollows shaped like amphitheaters,” Olson writes.

“If the image has foreground objects that we can see aligned with distant background objects, then we can use the alignments to figure out exactly where the artist was located,” Olson says, in an email. So he and a student, Ava Pope, got some detailed topographic maps of Denali National Park. By comparing the shapes of the cirques in the photograph with the contours on the maps, they were able to identify the locations of several landmarks in the photograph, and measure how far they were from each other....

Using this information, he writes “we wrote a computer program that could calculate the view from any possible spot for Ansel Adams’s tripod,” correcting for refraction and the Earth’s curvature. “Our computer program eventually produced a camera position where the calculated view appeared to match the photograph.” They then called up their man on the ground, Jon Paynter, a GIS specialist who works at the park. He traveled to the potential location—a spot on the road about eight miles from the nearest ranger station—and tweaked his positioning until he could reproduce the view himself.

The team now had the precise location of Adams’s camera when it captured Moon and Denali. Using planetarium software, which simulates the organization of the sky at particular moments in time, they asked when during the summers in question the moon’s positioning lined up with the photograph. As Olson writes, they found “one possible result: Moon and Denali was captured on July 14, 1948, at 8:28 p.m.”
GIS  photography  landscape  forensics 
3 days ago by shannon_mattern
How to Find the Best Colors for Your Fall Landscape
When the leaves start changing, and the weather gets colder, your landscape can quickly become sad and drab. Learn how to add color to your landscape through the colder months.
colors  fall  landscape 
5 days ago by Adventure_Web
OpenSource Software Überblick für System Administratoren | ITrig
Unter dem Namen IT Landscape for sysadmins ist eine kleine aber feine Übersicht diverser OpenSource Projekte zu finden.
landscape  opensource  software 
6 days ago by ddeimeke
Citation Matters: An Updated Reading List for a Progressive Environmental Anthropology — Cultural Anthropology
A progressive environmental anthropology will take the field in a new direction. This reading list builds on scholarship that expands debates about the value of anthropology to the humanistic study of the environment. We have organized it according to themes as a way to put ethnographically oriented work in dialogue with other humanities and social sciences, as well as with engineering and the natural/physical sciences. These themes are guideposts for thinking about the environment in its many dimensions. To this end, each week of our imagined syllabus attempts to offer theoretical and regional breadth that pushes at the intellectual and practical boundaries of environmental anthropology.
envrionmental_history  anthropology  extraction  conservation  landscape 
7 days ago by shannon_mattern
Human Relationships as Land Ethic · Arts Everywhere
"In her talk, Dr. Armstrong connects her experiences on the land in the Okanagan to the need for Canadians to heal their relationships with one another and re-evaluate the ways in which we conceive of community, family, and the natural landscape. She also discusses the healing potential in the transmission of our stories and knowledge through language, and the social and institutional constructs that shape and confine our values."
hum  landscape 
10 days ago by jacobzimmer
The Gray Scale
An essay from a book of photos by David Taylor, whose "Monuments" project documents "the 276 Boundary Monuments constructed by the International Boundary Commission in the last half of the 19th century from El Paso-Juárez to San Diego-Tijuana."
geography  borders  landscape  politics  immigration 
11 days ago by johnmfrench
How a New Drainage System Can Benefit the Health of Your Lawn Next Year
If your yard has drainage issues, you know how wet our rainy season can get. This build-up of excess water leads to huge puddles, waterlogged and ruined landscaping, and possibly even excess water that ends up in your basement.
drainage-system  landscape  water-damage 
12 days ago by Adventure_Web
Why You Should Choose LED Landscape Lighting
Landscape lighting can be a tremendous addition to your property. In addition to improving your home’s safety and security, the right set of lights can accentuate the beauty of your landscape.
landscape  lighting  property 
12 days ago by Adventure_Web

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