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Performance · Lando Documentation
If you've ever tried to run a site with a shload of files using Docker Desktop on Windows or macOS then you've likely experienced some of the very well documented performance issues associated with doing so. Usually, these performance issues manifest themselves in slow page load times, or exceptionally long cli operations like installing a dependency or clearing an application's cache.

…The tl;dr is that users can now exclude certain directories from being shared. Depending on the amount of files you exclude this can bring your application from ugh fml to pretty close to native speed.
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11 weeks ago by dirtystylus
Online Hearing Test & Audiogram Printout
The most accurate hearing test on the web. Fast, reliable, independent, online, and free.
hearing  test  online  matt  lando  simple  hand  rubbing  calibration 
december 2018 by davedmiller
We look forward to hosting the meetup and welcoming new sponsors !
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october 2018 by electroponix

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