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On Ghost Users and Messaging Backdoors
The past few years have been an amazing time for the deployment of encryption. A few countries, like the U.K. and Australia, have passed laws in an attempt to gain access to this data, and at least one U.S. proposal has made it to Congress. The Department of Justice recently added its own branding to the mix, asking tech companies to deploy “responsible encryption“. What, exactly, is “responsible encryption”? A recent speech by U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein implored cryptographers to go figure it out. With this as background, a recent article by GCHQ’s Ian Levy and Crispin Robinson reads like a breath of fresh air. Unlike their American colleagues, the British folks at GCHQ — essentially, the U.K.’s equivalent of NSA — seem eager to engage with the technical community and to put forward serious ideas. Indeed, Levy and Robinson make a concrete proposal in the article above: they offer a new solution designed to surveil both encrypted messaging and phone calls. The GCHQ proposal deals with law-enforcement interception on messaging systems and phone calls. In poorly-designed systems, the ["identity service"] server can add and remove users from a group conversation at will, even if none of the participants have requested this. It’s as though you’re having a conversation in a very private room — but the door is unlocked and the building manager controls who can come enter and join you. The goal is to take advantage of existing the weaknesses in the identity management systems of group chat and calling systems. This would allow law enforcement — with the participation of the service provider — to add a “ghost user” (or in some cases, a “ghost device”) to an existing group chat or calling session. In systems where group membership can be modified by the provider infrastructure, this could mostly be done via changes to the server-side components of the provider’s system. Even if you modify the provider infrastructure to add unauthorized users to a conversation, most existing E2E systems do notify users when a new participant (or device) joins a conversation. While the GCHQ proposal doesn’t go into great detail, it seems to follow that any workable proposal will require providers to suppress those warning messages at the target’s device. This means the proposal will also require changes to the client application as well as the server-side infrastructure.
matthew green, 17.12.2018
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5 weeks ago by kraven
UK spies: You know how we said bulk device hacking would be used sparingly? Well, things have 'evolved'...
UK spies are planning to increase their use of bulk equipment interference, as the range of encrypted hardware and software applications they can't tap into increases. Equipment interference (EI) – formerly known as computer network exploitation – is the phrase used for spies poking around in devices, like phones or computers, and media like USB sticks. It was expected to be authorised through targeted or targeted thematic warrants; as then-independent reviewer of terrorism David Anderson wrote at the time, "bulk EI is likely to be only sparingly used". Since then, though, GCHQ's use of these bulk powers has "evolved", according to a letter to members of parliament’s Intelligence and Security Committee, by security minister Ben Wallace. During the passage of the Investigatory Powers legislation, he said, the government anticipated bulk EI warrants would be "the exception", and "be limited to overseas 'discovery' based EI operations". But with encryption increasingly commonplace, the spies want the exception to edge towards becoming the rule. Wallace said GCHQ had reviewed "current operational and technical realities" and "revisited" its previous position. "It will be necessary to conduct a higher proportion of ongoing overseas focused operational activity using the bulk EI regime than was originally envisaged," he said.
register, 06.12.2018
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6 weeks ago by kraven
GCHQ opens kimono for infosec world to ogle its vuln disclosure process
In a briefing note today the agency revealed it may keep vulns in unsupported software to itself. "Where the software in question is no longer supported by the vendor," it said, "were a vulnerability to be discovered in such software, there would be no route by which it could be patched." When it decides whether or not to give up a vuln, GCHQ said three internal bodies are involved: the Equities Technical Panel, made up of "subject matter expert" spies; the GCHQ Equity Board, which is chaired by a civil servant from GCHQ's public-facing arm, the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), and staffed by people from other government departments; and the Equities Oversight Committee, chaired by the chief exec of the NCSC, Ciaran Martin. Broadly speaking, Martin gets the final word on whether or not a vuln is "released" to be patched. Those decisions are "regularly reviewed at a period appropriate to the security risk" and, regardless of the risk, "at least every 12 months". Today a post-Snowden legal tweak comes into force: state employees wanting to hack targets' networks and devices must now get a judge-issued warrant, under section 106 of the Investigatory Powers Act. Using hacking tools to investigate alleged crimes that fall under sections 1 to 3 of the Computer Misuse Act 1990 is now subject to the "equipment interference warrant" procedure, rather than the bog-standard Police Act 1997 "property interference authorisation". "In exceptional cases, the CEO of the NCSC may decide that further escalation via submissions to Director GCHQ and, if required, the Foreign Secretary should be invoked," said the GCHQ press briefing note.
register, 29.11.2018
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7 weeks ago by kraven
Inside the British Army's secret information warfare machine
It was the summer of 2017, and on this military base nestled among the hills of Berkshire, I was visiting a part of the British Army unlike any other. They call it the 77th Brigade. The men and women of the 77th knew how to set up cameras, record sound, edit videos. Plucked from across the military, they were proficient in graphic design, social media advertising, and data analytics. Some may have taken the army’s course in Defence Media Operations, and almost half were reservists from civvy street, with full time jobs in marketing or consumer research. From office to office, I found a different part of the Brigade busy at work. One room was focussed on understanding audiences: the makeup, demographics and habits of the people they wanted to reach. Another was more analytical, focussing on creating “attitude and sentiment awareness” from large sets of social media data. Another was full of officers producing video and audio content. Elsewhere, teams of intelligence specialists were closely analysing how messages were being received and discussing how to make them more resonant. The unit was formed in a hurry in 2015 from various older parts of the British Army – a Media Operations Group, a Military Stabilisation Support Group, a Psychological Operations Group. It has been rapidly expanding ever since. In 2014, a year before the 77th was established, a memo entitled “Warfare in the Information Age” flashed across the British military. “We are now in the foothills of the Information Age” the memo announced. It argued that the British Army needed to fight a new kind of war, one that “will have information at its core”. This new warfare poses a problem that neither the 77th Brigade, the military, or any democratic state has come close to answering yet. It is easy to work out how to deceive foreign publics, but far, far harder to know how to protect our own. In information warfare, offence beats defence almost by design. It’s far easier to put out lies than convince everyone that they’re lies. Disinformation is cheap; debunking it is expensive and difficult.
wired, 14.11.2018
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9 weeks ago by kraven
Off the Leash: How the UK is developing the technology to build armed autonomous drones
A new report published by Drone Wars UK reveals that, despite a UK government statement that it “does not possess fully autonomous weapons and has no intention of developing them”, the Ministry of Defence (MoD) is actively funding research into technology supporting the development of armed autonomous drones. Our study, Off the Leash: The Development of Autonomous Military Drones in the UK, identifies the key technologies influencing the development of future armed drones and looks at current initiatives which are under way in the UK to marry developments in autonomy – the ability of a machine to operate with limited, or even no, human control – with military drone technology. The report maps out the agencies, laboratories, and contractors undertaking research into drones and autonomous weapon technology in support of the Ministry of Defence, examines the risks arising from the weaponisation of such technologies, and assesses government policy in this area.
drone wars uk, 10.11.2018
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10 weeks ago by kraven
Bilanz in Deutschland, Frankreich, Großbritannien: 2018 reißt das Zwei-Grad-Limit
Das Jahr 2018 ist bisher das wärmste in Deutschland seit Beginn der Wetteraufzeichnungen. Von Januar bis Oktober lag die Temperatur um mehr als zwei Grad über dem langjährigen Mittel. Auch andere Länder Europas wie Frankreich und Großbritannien verzeichnen mehr Temperaturextreme.
klimareporter, 04.11.2018
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11 weeks ago by kraven
UK police recruited teenager to spy on her pimp
Sally Hamwee revealed the case of the 17-year-old, who was “on the edge of care”, and was one of a group of girls the suspect – whom “she thought of as her boyfriend” – had been selling for sex. “The police were looking for information on him and she was left in her situation so that she could provide information. In other words, she was exploited by him and continued to be exploited by him, and was, arguably, exploited by the police,” Lady Hamwee said. “Eventually, she witnessed a murder. She was drawn into it, and not just as a witness, as she was asked to dispose of clothes and other items afterwards.” After condemnation from politicians and human rights groups, the matter has become the subject of an investigation by parliament’s joint committee on human rights. It has criticised the government over an apparent lack of safeguards in the system and questioned whether it can be compatible with international law. Preliminary findings of the scale of the use of child spies were also revealed for the first time during the debate. Susan Williams, a junior Home Office minister, said the Investigatory Powers Commissioner’s Office found 14 children had been authorised as CHIS by police forces between January 2015 and October 2018. Lady Williams said she hoped it “gives noble lords some comfort” to learn that most were aged 17, and that none of the UK’s 43 police forces had authorised a child spy who was younger than 15.
guardian, 24.10.2018
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october 2018 by kraven
Missing Link zu Smart Borders: Die Stadt der Zäune und das Land der Träume
Zwischen Calais und Dover sichert Hightech den Grenzübertritt, was Migranten aber nicht abschreckt. Ein Besuch im abgeschottetsten Hafengelände der Welt. Es ist Nacht. Jede Straße in der französischen Atlantikstadt Calais ist von grellen Straßenlaternen gesäumt, die das Pflaster in weiß-gelbes Licht tauchen. Die bläulichen Scheinwerfer sind auf das schwarze Wasser gerichtet. Blau ist die Farbe, die am tiefsten durch das Wasser dringt, anders als weißes Licht. Es eignet sich hervorragend, um Menschen zu entdecken, die durch den Kanal schwimmen und sich an Fähren hängen könnten. Wenn sie nicht vorher von einer der 130 Kameras entdeckt worden sind, deren schwarze Kugelaugen von jedem Häuservorsprung und jeder Laterne hängen. Sich durch Calais zu bewegen ist so, als würde man sich in der Truman Show befinden. Eine künstlich erschaffene Welt in der realen. Alles scheint auf den ersten Blick normal, erst auf den zweiten Blick merkt man, dass man von jeder Perspektive unbemerkt beobachtet wird. Die Abschottung des Hafens ist der britischen Regierung einiges wert: Satte 55 Millionen wurde Frankreich im Januar 2018 versprochen, um die Absperrungen aufzurüsten „Wir werden die Sicherheitsarchitektur aufstocken und noch mehr Überwachungskameras, Infrarottechnologie und mehr Zäune in Calais installieren“, sagte Theresa May anlässlich der Erneuerung des Vertrags von Touquet. Beim Ausbau der Zäune orientiert sich die britische Regierung an der Hightech-Mauer entlang des Gazastreifens von Israels.
heise, 07.10.2018
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october 2018 by kraven
MI5 provides immunity for agents' criminal acts, tribunal told
The policy, in existence since the early 1990s, is likely to have enabled the Security Service to conceal wide ranging illegal activity, Ben Jaffey QC, representing an alliance of human rights group, told the investigatory powers tribunal (IPT) on Thursday. The policy was so secret that even judicial oversight of the practice, introduced in 2012, was not initially acknowledged. Sir Mark Waller, a retired judge appointed to oversee the policy, was instructed by the prime minister at the time, David Cameron, not to comment on its legality. Known within the intelligence services as “the third direction”, a letter from Cameron to Waller dated 27 November 2012 said his “oversight would not provide endorsement of the legality of the policy”. Some details of the policy were also disclosed on Thursday during the hearing. A heavily redacted copy of a three-page MI5 document, entitled Guidelines on the use of agents who participate in criminality (official guidance), was released. The document shows that MI5 sought to give its agents even greater freedom to commit criminal offences than that usually proffered to police informers. “The service has established its own procedure for authorising the use of agents participating in crime,” it states. It says any authorisation to commit crimes “has no legal effect and does not confer on either agent or those involved in the authorisation process any immunity from prosecution. Rather, the authorisation will be the service’s explanation and justification of its decisions” should the police investigate. Sir James Eadie QC, representing the intelligence agencies, the Home Office and the Foreign Office, told the the IPT that details of MI5’s conduct had to be kept secret and could not be aired in open court. He argued that the claim should be restricted to investigating over a “sensible time period”, at most six years.
guardian, 04.10.2018
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october 2018 by kraven
UK intelligence agency admits unlawfully spying on Privacy International
The UK's domestic-facing intelligence agency, MI5, today admitted that it captured and read Privacy International's private data as part of its Bulk Communications Data (BCD) and Bulk Personal Datasets (BPD) programmes, which hoover up massive amounts of the public's data. In further startling legal disclosures, all three of the UK's primary intelligence agencies - GCHQ, MI5, and MI6 - also admitted that they unlawfully gathered data about Privacy International or its staff. The intelligence agencies have repeatedly denied that their BPD and BCD programmes are tantamount to mass surveillance of people not suspected of any wrongdoing. Documents published today demonstrate that Privacy International, an international NGO, has been caught up in MI5's investigations because its data was part of the UK intelligence agencies vast databases [NB:].
pi, 25.09.2018
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september 2018 by kraven
Skripal Poisoning Suspect’s Passport Data Shows Link to Security Services
An ongoing Bellingcat investigation conducted jointly with The Insider Russia has confirmed through uncovered passport data that the two Russian nationals identified by UK authorities as prime suspects in the Novichok poisonings on British soil are linked to Russian security services. This finding directly contradicts claims by the Russian president on 12 September 2018, and by the two men in an interview broadcast on RT one day later, that they are civilians who traveled to Salisbury for a tourist getaway. Original Russian documents reviewed by Bellingcat and The Insider confirm definitively that the two men were registered in the central Russian resident database under the names Alexander Yevgenievich Petrov and Ruslan Timurovich Boshirov, respectively, and were issued internal passports under these names in 2009. However, no records exist for these two personas prior to 2009. This suggests the two names were likely cover identities for operatives of one of the Russian security services. Crucially, at least one man’s passport files contain various “top-secret” markings, which, according to at least two sources consulted by Bellingcat, are typically reserved for members of secret services or top state operatives. These findings, along with peculiarities in the two men’s bookings of their flight to London, make Russia’s official statements that Petrov and Boshirov are civilian tourists implausible, and corroborate UK authorities’ claims that they are in fact officers of a Russian security service.
bellingcat, 14.09.2018
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september 2018 by kraven
Russische Spione auf dem Weg ins Berner Oberland verhaftet
Am Wochenende ist publik geworden, dass sich zwei mutmassliche Attentäter vor der Nervengift-Attacke im südenglischen Salisbury mehrfach und länger in Genf aufgehalten hatten [NB:]. Recherchen dieser Zeitung und des holländischen «NRC Handelsblad» haben ergeben, dass die Spionageaffäre ein viel grösseres Ausmass hat: Zwei weitere russische Agenten wollten das Labor Spiez auskundschaften, doch sie wurden in Den Haag verhaftet. Seine Experten führten in den vergangenen Monaten sowohl zu Giftgas-Angriffen in Syrien als auch zu der Attacke auf einen russischen Ex-Spion in Salisbury Abklärungen durch. Die Verhaftung der beiden Russen in den Niederlanden fand ebenfalls im Frühjahr statt. Der Zeitpunkt und die genaueren Umstände sind nicht bekannt. Weshalb die Beiden nach Russland zurückgeschafft und nicht in den Niederlanden strafverfolgt oder in die Schweiz überstellt wurden, wollten weder der holländische Militärgeheimdienst noch andere angefragte Behörden erläutern. Unbekannt ist auch, was sie in den Niederlanden taten.
tages-anzeiger, 13.09.2018
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september 2018 by kraven
European Court of Human Rights Rules UK Surveillance Violated Human Rights
The European Court of Human Rights has ruled [NB:] that the UK's surveillance regime, revealed by Edward Snowden, violates human rights set out in the European Convention. In consolidated cases Big Brother Watch v. UK, Bureau of Investigative Journalism v. UK, and 10 Human Rights Organizations v. UK, the Court ruled that the UK surveillance system violated Article 8, the right to privacy, because there were "inadequate" safeguards for selecting the data subject to surveillance. The Court also said "all interception regimes...have the potential to be abused," and that bulk surveillance include safeguards "to be sufficiently foreseeable to minimise the risk of abuses of power." The Court also ruled UK surveillance violated the right of free expression because the law did not sufficiently protect confidential journalistic material [NB:].
epic, 13.09.2018
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september 2018 by kraven
Salisbury poisonings: police name two Russian suspects
Two Russian nationals have been named and charged over the novichok poisoning of Sergei and Yulia Skripal in Salisbury, Wiltshire. British police and prosecutors made the announcement on Wednesday. Police said the two men were travelling on authentic Russian passports under the names of Alexander Petrov and Ruslan Boshirov and arrived in the UK on an Aeroflot flight days before the attack. The Crown Prosecution Service said there was enough evidence to charge them. The prime minister, Theresa May, told the House of Commons on Wednesday that the two men had been identified as officers from Russia’s military intelligence agency, the GRU. The CPS said it had charged the two men with conspiracy to murder the Skripals and DS Nick Bailey, who fell ill after going to the Skripal home after the Russian pair were found slumped on a bench in Salisbury. The two Russian suspects are also charged with the use and possession of novichok, contrary to the Chemical Weapons Act. They are also charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent to Yulia Skripal and DS Bailey. They have not been charged with the later poisoning that killed Dawn Sturgess and left Charlie Rowley seriously ill, after they became unwell on 30 June at an address in Amesbury, Wiltshire. Russia’s foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova said: "The names published by the media, like the photographs, don’t mean anything to us.” Zakharova said she “again urged Britain to refrain from public accusations” and work with Russian law enforcement authorities to investigate the attack in Salisbury.
guardian, 05.09.2018
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september 2018 by kraven
Police force says facial recognition software is now much better after thousands of false matches
A new algorithm has improved facial recognition technology software at South Wales Police, the force has said. Out of 44,468 faces scanned during the Biggest Weekend event in Swansea at the end of May this year, there were only ten false matches, according to information obtained by WalesOnline via a Freedom of Information request. This compares to the Champions League final last year in Cardiff , when the software wrongly identified more than 2,000 people as potential criminals [NB:]. In a statement, South Wales Police - the first force to trial the technology in a pilot - said: "We have been provided with a new algorithm and application by our supplier, NEC, which has 12 months more research and development from the project’s initiation. During the Biggest Weekend in Singleton Park, facial technology software provided an alert that the operator determined to be a true match on two occasions. One arrest was made as a result of identification by AFR during the event, South Wales Police said. This was a person wanted for an outstanding arrest warrant. The force has previously said three pre-set watch lists were created specific to this event. The first list was based on intelligence around Organised Crime Groups (OCGs) linked to music festivals, with the second one being focused on those wanted on warrant across the South Wales Police force area. The third list was for suspects who were wanted for outstanding offences specifically from the area. These were people who had been identified as being responsible for committing a crime within the area and were actively being sought by police. In their statement, the force added: "AFR Locate has led to 16 individuals being arrested during the period May 31 to December 22, 2017 and 13 individuals arrested between February 3 and 24 June 24, 2018. "AFR Identify has led to over 450 individuals being arrested since July 2017." AFR ‘Identity’ allows officers to load images of persons of interest and compare them against 500,000 custody images to see if there is a possible match on identification. AFR ‘Locate’ is a real time solution which utilises live feeds from CCTV cameras based either at specific, fixed locations or cameras secured to the top of a vehicle to locate people on prescribed watch lists.
walesonline, 27.08.2018
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august 2018 by kraven
UK intelligence and police using child spies in covert operations
British police and intelligence agencies are using children as spies in covert operations against terrorists, gangs and drug dealers. Some of the child spies are aged under 16, the committee says, adding that it was worried about proposals to extend from one month to four the period of time between each occasion that child spies go through a re-registration process. “We are concerned that enabling a young person to participate in covert activity associated with serious crime for an extended period of time may increase the risks to their mental and physical welfare,” said the committee, chaired by Lord Trefgarne, a former Tory government minister. The House of Lords secondary legislation scrutiny committee raised concerns over the orders in a report published last Thursday. Home Office correspondence with the committee, published in the report, suggests children are not only used to furnish the police with information, but are also assigned to collect information on behalf of agencies. Ben Wallace, the Home Office minister who corresponded with the committee over the changes, suggested that juvenile CHISs [covert human intelligence sources] may have “unique access to information”, particularly in cases of gangs. The Home Office said: “Juvenile covert human intelligence sources are used very rarely and only ever when it is necessary and proportionate and when there is no other less intrusive way to get the information needed to convict criminals or terrorist suspects.” It said the use of child spies was overseen by the investigatory powers commissioner, Lord Justice Fulford, adding: “Throughout any deployment and beyond, the welfare of the young person is the paramount consideration.”
guardian, 19.07.2018
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july 2018 by kraven
Japan besitzt 47 Tonnen Plutonium, genug für 6000 Atombomben
Gestern haben die USA und Japan ihr 1988 geschlossenes Nuklearabkommen verlängert. Das Abkommen ermöglicht es Japan, Plutonium zu gewinnen und zu friedlichen Zwecken anzureichern, wobei dazu dieselbe Technik verwendet wird, wie sie bei der Produktion von Atombomben zum Einsatz kommt. Japan, der einzige Nicht-Atomstaat, der dank den USA Plutonium erzeugen kann, hat in der Tat eine gewaltige Menge Plutonium angehäuft, nämlich 47 Tonnen. Das würde reichen, um 6000 Atombomben von der Größe der Hiroshima-Bombe zu bestücken. Russland und die USA haben jeweils unter 6000 einsatzfähige Sprengköpfe. Von der Plutonium-Politik Japans profitieren auch Frankreich und Großbritannien, dort ist ein Großteil gelagert, dort werden auch die meisten gebrauchten Brennstäbe wiederaufbereitet. Es sind vor allem die 10 Tonnen Plutonium, die in Japan gelagert sind, die nach Fukushima auch Sorgen auslösen, weil sie durch Erdbeben oder Tsunamis gefährdet sein könnten.
telepolis, 18.07.2018
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july 2018 by kraven
"Die Polizei hat eine Grenze überschritten"
Nach der Enttarnung des britischen Polizeispitzels Mark Kennedy in 2010 gerieten verdeckte Ermittlungen in Großbritannien zunehmend in die Kritik. Das "Special Demonstration Squad" (SDS), das zur Metropolitan Police in London gehörte, hat seit 1968 mehr als tausend politische Gruppen im ganzen Königreich ausgespäht. Später wurde die Einheit umbenannt und durch eine andere ersetzt. Die skandalösen Methoden wurden jedoch auch von den Nachfolgeorganisationen beibehalten: Die Beamten haben gegenüber ihren Ziel- und Kontaktpersonen Sexualität eingesetzt, aus den Beziehungen gingen Kinder hervor, für die der Staat keine Alimente gezahlt hat. Mehrere Jahre lang nutzten die Spitzel Tarnidentitäten gestorbener Kinder. Seit drei Jahren sind die Operationen Hunderter verdeckter Ermittler Bestandteil einer richterlichen Untersuchung (Undercover Policing Inquiry - UCPI). Die zuständigen Richter haben in diesem Zusammenhang bereits Dutzende Einsätze nachträglich öffentlich gemacht, vielen Betroffenen geht das aber nicht weit genug. Ungeahnte Reichweite erfuhr die Angelegenheit zuletzt durch eine Kampagne der Kosmetikfirma Lush, die sogar ein Video gegen die sexuelle Ausbeutung durch Polizeispitzel veröffentlicht hat. Einsätze britischer verdeckter Ermittler erfolgten auch in Deutschland. Wir sprachen dazu mit Jason Kirkpatrick, der in Berlin lebt und dort mehrmals von einem Polizeispitzel aus London besucht wurde. Mit rund 200 anderen Personen ist Kirkpatrick Zeuge für die Untersuchung.
telepolis, 15.07.2018
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july 2018 by kraven
Beschaffung und Verwendung des Giftstoffes Nowitschok durch den Bundesnachrichtendienst
Die Bundesregierung sieht es ebenso wie die britische Regierung als wahrscheinlich an, dass Russland die Verantwortung für den Angriff mit dem Giftstoff Nowitschok auf den früheren Doppelagenten Sergej Skripal in Großbritannien trägt. In einer Antwort der Bundesregierung (19/2875) auf eine Kleine Anfrage der Fraktion der AfD (19/2466) heißt es, die britische Regierung habe der Bundesregierung auch detailliert dargelegt, warum es keine plausible Alternative gebe. "Dieser Schluss hat weiterhin Bestand und basiert sowohl auf der Analyse der Proben als auch auf weiteren Erkenntnissen", heißt es in der Antwort. Fragen nach der Richtigkeit von Presseberichten, nach denen der Bundesnachrichtendienst (BND) schon lange vor dem Angriff auf Skripal Nowitschok beschafft haben soll, will die Bundesregierung nicht beantworten, da eine Offenlegung der angefragten Informationen die Gefahr berge, dass Einzelheiten zur konkreten Methodik, zu spezifischen Fähigkeiten und zum Kenntnisstand des BND und von ausländischen Diensten bekannt werden würden.
hib, 05.07.2018
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july 2018 by kraven
Wieder ein Nowitschok-Vorfall bei Salisbury
Heute sagte Sicherheitsminister Ben Wallace, die Polizei bemühe sich, Gefahren von der Bevölkerung abzuwehren, man könne man aber nicht zu hundert Prozent garantieren, dass eine weitere Kontamination stattfindet. Wallace machte Russland nicht direkt verantwortlich, aber zeigte dennoch mit dem Finger auf Moskau und brachte die Kontamination mit dem Anschlag auf die Skripals zusammen: "Die Arbeitshypothese ist, dass dies Opfer in der Folge des vorhergehenden Anschlags sind oder von irgendetwas anderen, aber dass sie nicht direkt angegriffen wurden. Das hieße, die Polizei geht davon aus, dass sich das Paar zufällig kontaminiert hat, aber auch, dass möglicherweise Behälter oder Spritzen, die für den Anschlag auf Skripal verwendet wurden, noch irgendwo herumlagen. Da aber offenbar die Ermittlungen noch nichts weiter ergeben haben, ist die erneute Beschuldigung "Russlands" - immer unklar, wer damit genauer gemeint ist - als Ausdruck politischen Interesses zu werten, zumal schließlich auch der Skripal-Fall noch nicht aufgeklärt ist. Wallace wiederholte dennoch die Beschuldigung, dass es sich beim Skripal-Fall um einen "rücksichtslosen Angriff auf das Herz eines sehr friedlichen Teils Großbritanniens" gehandelt habe: "Das ist Teil meines Ärgers über den russischen Staat, dass sie sich dafür entschieden, ganz klar eine sehr, sehr toxische, hochgefährliche Waffe zu benutzen." Öffentlich hat die russische Regierung ihre Mitwirkung öfter angeboten, was Wallace wie andere Mitglieder der britischen Regierung immer unterschlagen, gleichzeitig aber weiter unterstellen, dass der Anschlag auf die Skripals von der russischen Regierung zu verantworten sei - und dass das Nowitschok der neuen Kontamination damit in Zusammenhang steht.
telepolis, 05.07.2018
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july 2018 by kraven

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