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The Coming Home Song: Wiyot People Joyous as Eureka City Council Takes Another Step Towards Returning Indian Island – Redheaded Blackbelt
Last night, the Eureka City Council unanimously voted to make the next step in returning 202 acres of Indian Island, located between the city and the Samoa peninsula, to the Wiyot people.

The property was declared “surplus” which allows it to eventually be transferred back to the local tribe which considers the area sacred.

In 2000, the Wiyot’s purchased about 1 and a half acres and after cleanup and restoration performed the World Renewal Ceremony there in March of 2014. The last time previous to that the ceremony had been performed was in February of 1860 when the mostly women and children staying at the ceremony site were massacred at night by a group of local white men.

One speaker said that the City of Eureka will be the first in the entire United States to return Sacred land to an Indigenous people without being forced to do so by a court order.

At the meeting last night, Wiyot’s sang their Coming Home song, before the historic Eureka City Council vote.
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Sacred Homelands Returned to Wiyot Tribe | Cultural Survival
Sacred Homelands Returned to Wiyot Tribe

The Eureka, California, City Council has returned 40 acres of Indian Island to the Wiyot Tribe, who had lost the land in an 1860 massacre. The tribe, city council, and local community celebrated the unanimous and unprecedented decision at a signing ceremony on June 25.

During the ceremony, Tribal Chairwoman Cheryl A. Seidner gave smoked salmon, shell necklaces, and medicine bags to the city council members, and Mayor Peter La Vallee gave Seidner a symbolic clay pot of soil from the island.

"This is the first time that I know of that a municipality has done something like this of their own free will, no money involved, just because it’s the right thing to do," said Wiyot Tribal Administrator Maura Eastman in a phone interview. "The community was incredibly receptive to the idea. It really wouldn’t have happened without all the people involved. It could happen every place."
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City Council Agenda - blobdload.aspx
Indian Island Property Surplus
Recommendation: Hold a public hearing; and
Adopt the Negative Declaration and direct staff to file a Notice of Determination (NOD); and
Adopt a Resolution of the City Council declaring the City
owned portion of Indian Island
(APN 405
011) as surplus property and directing the City Manager to ne
gotiate the
conveyance of APN 405
011 on Indian Island.
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Eureka to Discuss Return of Indian Island to Wiyot People | KHSU
The island has a brutal history of its original native population being massacred by white settlers in 1860. According to the council’s agenda, city officials plan to hold the public hearing on the return of Indian Island and also adopt a resolution where they will negotiate the transfer.

In 2000 the Wiyot Tribe purchased the 1.5 acres of Indian Island through grassroots efforts and in 2004, the tribe had recieved more than 40 acres from the city of Eureka. More than a decade later, the Eureka City Council unanimously decided to retrun the rest of the parcel to the Wiyot People.
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The New Enclosure by Brett Christophers review – the sale of public land in neoliberal Britain | Books | The Guardian
In the last four decades, the state has sold 10% of Britain’s land, and 50 % of its public land. Why is no one scandalised?
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