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‘Sioux Chef’ on restoring indigenous foods, bridging cultures | Cornell Chronicle
Sean Sherman, James Beard Award-winning chef and founder and CEO of The Sioux Chef, shared his research and insights on indigenous food cultures at Cornell Botanic Gardens’ Audrey O’Connor Lecture Sept. 5. An Oglala Lakota born in Pine Ridge, South Dakota, Sherman co-wrote the acclaimed cookbook, “The Sioux Chef’s Indigenous Kitchen.”
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Could carbon-capture technology be a silver bullet to stop climate change?
A recent UN report found that humans have done too much damage to the climate to avoid catastrophe just by halting the burning of fossil fuels
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2019 Toyota Land Cruiser Redesign, Exterior and Specs
2019 Toyota Land Cruiser Redesign, Exterior and Specs - The Toyota's excellent family hauler with an ability to put seven individuals, good off-roader
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Timber Grown Among Crops Shows Promise for Timberland Investors — Propagate, Discover Regeneration
Corn, coffee, cattle, and other crops can be raised on land that also supports cultivated timber. This symbiotic approach, known as agroforestry, has clear ecological benefits – and it could become a new asset class for timberland investors.
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Centaur Analytics secures $3 million to cut food waste using sensors - ImpactAlpha
California-based Centaur’s funding round was led by seed-stage tech investor Athens, Greece-based Marathon Venture Capital, which specializes in early-stage investments for IoT companies.
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FoodShot Global seeks sustainable soil solutions with $30 million investment platform - ImpactAlpha
ImpactAlpha, September 12 – New York-based non-profit organization FoodShot Global supports a network of entrepreneurs and researchers tackling problems in food and agriculture systems worldwide. Its latest initiative will pool $30 million in investment capital from investors, philanthropic organizations, universities and industry for “breakthrough solutions that create the new soil operating system.” Partners on board for the launch include Rabobank, the Rockefeller Foundation, Generation Investment Management, UC Davis Innovation Institute for Food and Health, and the Soil Health Institute.
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In Florence's Floodwater: Sewage, Coal Ash and Hog Waste Lagoon Spills | InsideClimate News
As overflowing rivers crest and the water starts to subside, the Carolinas will have to contend with harmful waste spread by the flooding.
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2 days ago by TransformSeries | Our home on native land
Welcome to Native Land. This is a resource for North Americans (and others) to find out more about local Indigenous territories and languages.
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Christi Belcourt on Twitter: "Education in schools is not the only form of education. The land has been my teacher for 25 years. I will never graduate and will always be an apprentice to her. The animals educate. The stars educate. Not everything can be t
"Education in schools is not the only form of education. The land has been my teacher for 25 years. I will never graduate and will always be an apprentice to her. The animals educate. The stars educate. Not everything can be taught in a brick box. Not everything should be.

Education from and on the land is needed for children. We need the next generation to be free thinkers. Unintentionally, the structures within the current education system are contributing in assimilating all children into a form of thinking that teaches them to conform.

Education in schools is affecting Indigenous nations. It’s not all positive. Hardly any of our kids knows the lands like the back of their hands any more. Hardly any knows animal traditional laws, protocols. Hardly any can survive on the land. And almost all are taught in English

Without intending it, by sending ALL our children to school, we are creating a society of dependence. Because unable to survive on the land means a dependence on goods and services. It also means a continued decline in our languages as the day is spent in English.

Even communities once entirely fluent not long ago are noticing their young people conversing in English. I was just in a community where the teenagers were fluent. But pre-teens weren’t. How can communities compete w/ English when their children are emmersed in it all day?

I don’t want to offend educators. Educators are some of the most selfless and kind people I’ve met. They go above and beyond for kids every day. My observations are about some of the long term boarder effects re: institution of education and its detrimental effects on our nations

The late Elder Wilfred Peltier once wrote that the education system harms children in a few ways. He was speaking specifically about Indigenous kids but his thoughts could be applied to all I suppose. He said it sets kids up with a skewed sense of self. (Con’t)

Elder Wilfred Peltier said children are taught early in school to be graded. He said the harm isn’t only in the child who gets low grades and is made to feel less than. The worse harm is to kids who get higher grades and are made to feel better than others.

He also said the structure of the classroom is problematic. It implies the teacher knows everything and the student knows nothing. In Indigenous communities we talk about how children are teachers and each one has unique gifts. But schools don’t nurture those gifts.

A child might be gifted in reading the stars or knowing traditional medicines. Schools eliminate that as a possibility to be apprenticed in those things. And they take up so much time in a child’s life there is no time left over for language and apprenticing in their gifts.

We will need scientists and people who have gone through school. But we also need medicine apprentices, land knowledge, language keepers and star readers. We need experts of the lakes and animals. This come from apprentiships w/ kokums and moshoms. It comes from the land itself.

In this time of climate change the world needs Indigenous knowledge more than ever. It’s in our lands and langusges. It can’t come from school. So we have to question this. And really look at it to suss out the good and the bad in a non emotional and non judgemental way.

Is there a way to have half of all Indigenous kids apprenticed full time with kokums or moshoms in land/water based education? Is there a way to identify what gifts kids will have early on and give them the life long training to nurture those gifts?

My concluding thought is the tendency will be towards “improving” or “fixing” schools to allow for more Indigenous languages or teachings etc without fundamentally changing anything. My point is the kind of education I’m talking about cannot be within the school system."
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Tolay Lake Regional Park, co-managed by county and Graton Rancheria tribe, opening Oct. 27
Tolay Lake Regional Park, the largest in the Sonoma County park system, will open for daily public use late this month, marking a much-celebrated occasion that’s been 13 years in the making.

The park opening on Oct. 27 will lift the veil on hidden scenic treasures, miles of trails, diverse wildlife and hallowed aboriginal healing grounds — all of it mostly off-limits to the general public up to this point.

At 3,400 acres, “it’s a massive land base and an important ecological preserve for the county,” Regional Parks Director Bert Whitaker said. “And it has amazing cultural history.”
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Miwok Archaeological Preserve of Marin (MAPOM) - Posts
Miwok Archaeological Preserve of Marin (MAPOM)
October 11 at 11:47 AM ·

Incredible long term effort and commitment to make this Park/Tribe collaboration come to life. The Federated Indians of Graton Rancheria (Coast Miwok/Pomo) partnered and invested with the Sonoma County Park system to open the largest park in the county! Hope this is the beginning of many more to come!
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