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Landscape Review
Landscape Review aims to provide a forum for scholarly writing and critique on topics, projects and research relevant to landscape studies and landscape architecture.
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february 2013 by stephenjgrant
e-Agriculture is a global Community of Practice, where people from all over the world exchange information, ideas, and resources related to the use of information and communication technologies (ICT) for sustainable agriculture and rural development.
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january 2013 by stephenjgrant
Game and wildlife management skills: Scotland (Scottish Natural Heritage)
This study was commissioned by Scottish Natural Heritage (SNH) in order to provide an authoritative account of skills, qualifications and training of Wildlife Management in Scotland together with the capacity to deliver any required skills uplift in deer management.
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december 2012 by stephenjgrant
The National Forest
The National Forest is one of the country's boldest environmental projects and won the inaugural Sustainable Development UK award in 2008. It is transforming 200 square miles in the centre of England.
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant
Continuous Cover Forestry Group
Primary role is to promote the transformation of even-aged plantations to structurally, visually and biologically diverse woodlands.
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant
The British Deer Society
Learn about British wild deer, stalking, management and deer photography.
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant
Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust
The leading UK charity conducting scientific research to enhance the British countryside for public benefit. They provide training and advice to farmers, gamekeepers and land managers on how best to improve the biodiversity of the countryside.
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant
Scottish Gamekeepers Association
Run largely by volunteers, the SGA represents its members in the Scottish Parliament and supports extensive programmes of training and education.
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant
Shooting UK
The complete online network for the British shooting community; from guns and gundogs to the latest shooting news.
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant
Shooting Times
Weekly shooting and countryside magazine. Field sports and shooting news, game recipes, guns...
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant
National Gamekeepers Organisation Charitable Trust
A charity set up by the NGO to educate the public about gamekeeping.
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant
National Gamekeepers Organisation
The National Gamekeepers' Organisation represents the gamekeepers of England and Wales. "We defend and promote gamekeeping, help gamekeepers and ensure high standards throughout the profession."
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant
Lantra, the Sector Skills Council for the environmental and land-based sector, is licensed by the UK government to drive forward the new skills, training and business development agenda for the sector.
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant
The British Association for Shooting and Conservation (BASC)
BASC are the national representative body for shooting and conservation in the UK. Their website has sections devoted to deer, wildfowling, gundogs, firearms, gamekeeping, training and research.
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant
Health & Safety Guide for Gamekeepers
Produced and published by the UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE), this leaflet provides practical advice on health and safety for moorland and lowland gamekeeping, and covers deer-stalking and the work of water bailiffs and ghillies.
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant
Institute of Aquaculture (Stirling University)
Research within the Institute is focused on the development and understanding of sustainable aquatic systems in temperate, tropical and sub-tropical regions.
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant
ADAS is the UK’s largest independent provider of environmental consultancy, rural development services and policy advice.
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august 2010 by stephenjgrant

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