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Rewrote an APIGateway & service that was costing us about $16000 / month in . Its running in 3…
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yesterday by marramgrass
AWS Lambda + Serverless Framework + Python— Part 1 : A Step By Step “Hello World”
I am creating a series of blog posts to help you develop, deploy and run (mostly) Python applications on AWS Lambda using Serverless Framwork. You can find my other articles about the same topic but…
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3 days ago by rona25
Functional Bits: Lambda Calculus based Algorithmic Information Theory
In the first part we introduce binary representations of both lambda calculus and combinatory logic, together with very concise interpreters that witness their simplicity. Along the way we present a simple graphical notation for lambda calculus, a new empty list representation, improved bracket abstraction, and a new fixpoint combinator. In the second part we review Algorithmic Information Theory, for which these interpreters provide a convenient vehicle. We demonstrate this with several concrete upper bounds on program-size complexity.
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4 days ago by euler

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