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Preludes and Fugues - Feather (lalaietha) - The Losers (2010) [Archive of Our Own]
Something always goes wrong. It's all a question of what you salvage from it - and that, you can't always predict.
fic  Losers  Jensen'sSister  Jensen  Aisha  Cougar  Jensen/Cougar  Jensen/Cougar/Aisha  lalaietha  post-movie  polyamory 
march 2019 by adanska
be all my sins remembered - lalaietha - Valdemar Series - Mercedes Lackey [Archive of Our Own]
"His body aches; dimly, he remembers Jaysen's hands on him, hitting the ground with Jaysen on top of him, stopping him at the edge of the cliff; Savil's hands, and fighting, fighting everything, leave me be, let me go - but the pain there is nothing to the sucking black emptiness in his head."

An AU where Tylendel is prevented from committing suicide after Gala repudiates him and dies.
fic  Valdemar  Tylendel  Tylendel/Vanyel  lalaietha  canon  au 
may 2017 by adanska
total hypocrisy [Feather (lalaietha)]
"He was stabbing Bruce with an electrified tool," Steve says, halfway between defensive and conciliatory. "I had some concerns."

" - you need to focus on the problem!" Stark continues, keeping the voice, "we have orders, we should follow them! No wonder peo - "

And then he stops, because apparently Bucky laughing is enough of a surprise to derail him, and everyone else.

Okay, on consideration, that's probably fair. But that, that is also fucking hilarious. And Steve's turning pink, like he fucking should be, and hiding his face by rubbing his forehead, arms folded and not meeting anyone's gaze.

"Yeah," Steve says. "Well."

"I am fucking amazed Phillips' fucking ghost didn't show up right then and there just to stare at you," Bucky says.
avengers  captainamerica  steve/bucky  PG-13  lalaietha  slash  team  * 
september 2014 by pouncer
A:TLA: Of the Fruit (and Not the Flower) by lalaietha
Summary: I commanded [fire], like an arm or a leg or a finger. The fire became a part of me. My father would search the archives later and discover that I was the youngest firebender ever who hadn't also turned out to be the Avatar. And my father swept me up into an embrace and said, My Azula, in a voice of so much pride, so much pride.

It was as if I possessed the whole world.
Reccer's Notes: Post-canon Azula-centric with a significant role for Ursa - and I haven't yet said a word of the character who's the other half of the friendship I had in mind for this theme. Like every other story from this author, this is absolutely excellent. The writing is rich, nuanced, and - wise would be a better word than "intelligent", though it is that too. I don't want to say any more, because I don't want to spoil anything about this story.
atla  gen  the-girl-factor  fic  to-read  lalaietha  novelette  via:fancake 
august 2014 by blindmouse
your blue-eyed boys (2: daylight could be so violent)
'your blue-eyed boys' is a series that has put serious fucking work into trauma/trauma recovery for bucky and steve
feather  lalaietha  length:long.50k-100k  avengers  bucky/steve  from twitter
july 2014 by isweedan
your blue-eyed boys
In all of his life - including not only the stuff people would expect, like storming the HYDRA factory alone or crashing the Valkyrie, but also being a kid and so sick he could literally hear his mother praying through tears a few feet over, and the days and nights it was him praying and her gasping for breath that eventually left her -

In all that, through all that, this is the first time Steve's hands have actually shaken so badly he has to stop and sit and make himself calm down
Recovery fic
slash  CaptainAmerica  Steve/Bucky  lalaietha 
june 2014 by arrghigiveup
your blue-eyed boys | Feather (lalaietha), lalaietha
Series (long). Bucky takes the long road to recovery in this one, with excellent cameos from Betty Ross, Tony Stark, and Bucky and Steve's downstairs neighbor. (The one with the girl who does parkour and sells chocolates.)
via:blueMeridian  avengers!verse  captain.america  steve/bucky  series  lalaietha 
may 2014 by marcicat
Hobbes and Bacon/Despicable Me: Getting to Know You by lalaietha (Crossover ensemble)
(1400 words, G) The two main things Bacon has ascertained about her new college roommate, in between her own dad's incessant texts, are 1. she's the middle of three sisters, and 2. her dad is possibly a supervillain. This is super-delightful for both canons (and for all my furious irritation over the second Despicable Me movie, I do love all of the characters). It's not so much Bacon & Edith getting to know each other as it is two fics about family occupying the same page, but all the voices are charming and believable and the whole effect is pretty great.
Fandom:Calvin-and-Hobbes  Fandom:Hobbes-and-Bacon  bacon  family  gen  ensemble-fic  crossover  comic-strip-fandoms  western-animation-fandoms  smallfandom  yuletide  Fandom:Despicable-Me  edith-(despicable-me)  rating:g-to-teen  lalaietha  epistolary-and-ephemera 
december 2013 by cestwhat
MORNING! by lalaietha, Elementary, Joan/Marcus & Sherlock, 541 words, G.
2013-10 | Excerpt:
Marcus has a very reliable internal clock. He's really not sure why - it's not like it's something anyone else in his family's ever had, or got trained into him, or anything else. He just always knows more or less what time it is and it's about five o'clock when Sherlock throws Joan's bedroom door open, crowing, "WATSON! MARCUS! Awake! We have twenty minutes to get down to the antique shop before a valuable piece of evidence may be lost forever!"
(elementary)  [joan/marcus/sherlock]  #fiction  ~..500-1000words  2013  lalaietha  *POV:marcusbell 
november 2013 by janebot
Remnants in the Mist - lalaietha (Aang, Katara, baby sky bison, OC, 4.1k)
When the mist in front of them thinned enough to see, though, and the mournful sound stopped and was replaced by an even lower, threatening growl, Jan could do nothing but stand and stare, and knew his squad was doing the same.
Baby Sky Bison!
fic  to-read  atla  gen  one-shot  lalaietha 
april 2013 by blindmouse
Hobbes and Bacon: "Worked okay so far?" by lalaietha (Susie/Calvin, Bacon)
(3400 words) "Sometimes Susie worries about whether her daughter's fantasy life is actually fantasy." I really liked the relationship between Susie and Calvin here, and the people they grew up to be; both their voices are excellent. I really like the way the author has expanded the 'Hobbes and Bacon' comics into a richer canon, too. (G)
Fandom:Calvin-and-Hobbes  Fandom:Hobbes-and-Bacon  het  gen  family  smallfandom  yuletide  lalaietha  susie-derkins  calvin  hobbes  comic-strip-fandoms  bacon  rating:g-to-teen 
december 2012 by cestwhat
Lalaietha - "Worked okay so far?"
Sometimes Susie worries about whether her daughter's fantasy life is actually fantasy.
calvin&hobbes  hobbes&bacon  lalaietha  gen  het  calvin/susie  yuletide  awesome  futurefic 
december 2012 by goodgriefcharlie
Is This Your Card? - MerryArwen (lalaietha) - Criminal Minds [Archive of Our Own]
:D! || A series of shorts, written to mesh with a friend's personal canon, wherein Spencer Reid and Austin (the bartender from "52 Pickup") have been quietly dating since that episode.
fanfiction  criminal.minds  lalaietha 
april 2011 by myricarubra
Mountains, Molehills - lalaietha
Technically, David doesn't live here, but that "technically" is starting to get real thin, and he knows it. Which is why he chokes a bit when Lilo puts her elbows on the table, her chin in her hands, and says, "Are you going to ask my sister to marry you, or what?" [1,175 words]
lilo&stitch  gen  david/nani  lalaietha  yuletide 
december 2010 by cunningplan
Salutation, Valediction [lalaietha]
What a grown Lyra and Will might do, upon discovering a door between their worlds remained open.
hisdarkmaterials  lyra/will  PG-13  lalaietha  het  yuletide  series 
february 2010 by pouncer

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