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But my favourite 7-circuit Jericho-like is not circular though!

Look at this magnificent square labyrin…
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, 1986, the film "" was released in theaters.
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Patterns of Perception 33 - Hiyoshi by Patterns of Perception | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Patterns of Perception 33 - Hiyoshi by Patterns of Perception Long-time resident of The Labyrinth (Japan, @mindgameslaby), Hiyoshi’s vivid, contemplative ambient mixes draw together musical elements from a diversity of sources, yet retain a rare purity of emotion and atmosphere. With Patterns of Perception 33 Hiyoshi aims to capture the essence of his most affecting sets of the past year, including at Sound Garden, Labyrinth, and One party, while also paying respect to friends and artists who’ve mentored and supported him. The result is a lucid, ethereal selection, a dance in the diffuse sunlight, on the surface of the lake, always hinting at the depths below. Links:
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Live @ Labyrinth 2013 - Pete Namlook Tribute by Material ♕ Object | Free Listening on SoundCloud
Live @ Labyrinth 2013 - Pete Namlook Tribute by Material ♕ Object Recorded live at the Labyrinth Festival, Sept 2013. The set was a tribute to Pete Namlook who passed away the previous year. Thanks to all @ Mindgames
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Gifts, Stolen and Received
Summary: "It's my step-daughter," she said, eyes wet with tears and hands trembling with fear. I heard a rush of air as if a thousand fairy tales had been turned upside down at once.
!fanfic  !a  gen  het  crossover  harry_dresden  dresden_files  labyrinth  jareth/sarah  sarah  jareth  dresden_files/labyrinth  rated:M 
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