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Safer Through Unity Archive
Example of a learning journey lab in chicago by SG, Zaid hassan’s group.
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yesterday by Kevindoylejones
Duke Energy leases Tompkins Hall in Charlotte
> Meant to be more funky and collaborative than typical uptown office space, about 400 Duke Energy employees will work at the former mill on a permanent basis, with about 100 more working there on a rotating basis.
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26 days ago by cote
Play with Docker
PWD is a Docker playground which allows users to run Docker commands in a matter of seconds. It gives the experience of having a free Alpine Linux Virtual Machine in browser, where you can build and run Docker containers and even create clusters in Docker Swarm Mode. Under the hood Docker-in-Docker (DinD) is used to give the effect of multiple VMs/PCs. In addition to the playground, PWD also includes a training site composed of a large set of Docker labs and quizzes from beginner to advanced level available at
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4 weeks ago by sharjeelsayed
GitHub - motlabs/iOS-Projects-with-ML-Models: The challenge projects for Inferencing TensorFlow model on iOS
Almost machine learning framework have been used similar flow. Convert my model created from TensorFlow to a model which is compatible with mobile machine learning framework. Each framework have compatible model format, and via Pocket
labs  Pocket  IFTTT 
6 weeks ago by roolio
Imagine a place with no distractions—no IM, no Twitter, in fact no internet access at all. Within, you find a group of a dozen or more developers, designers, thinkers and doers. And a lot of a food.

Now imagine that place is a fort.

Fort Clonque
uploaded by Niqui Merret
/dev/fort is band camp for geeks. It is a week away from the rest of the world to learn, to think, to play and to build. The aim is to make something—it could be a website, a game or a world-conquering robot—from scratch, in a week.

But it is equally about enjoying the company and the scenery, a working holiday. Past forts have seen people exploring World War II tunnels, raising the property’s flag each morning to the sound of a bugle, swimming out to deserted islands and investigating medieval artefacts.
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7 weeks ago by gwijthoff

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