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RT : Senior MPs accuse Met Police of 'Cover-Up' and 'Unacceptable Delays' in investigating crimes of the
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A 4.30am start and three-minute toilet breaks: are you ready for microscheduling? | Life and style | The Guardian
Another example of the limitations of microscheduling comes from Hussein Kesvani, a London-based editor and writer. Last year, faced with a seemingly insurmountable workload, he tried to follow the YouTuber Casey Neistat’s brand of extreme hyperactivity. Neistat has “Work harder” written in big neon letters on the wall in his studio and tattooed on his left wrist, “just in case I forget”; his left arm also displays another tattoo, saying “Do more”. In 2015, he detailed his daily routine in a video that has since racked up 2.6m views. From a 5am start, Neistat’s schedule goes: one hour of email; three hours of exercise (which he says makes up for the little sleep he gets); 10 hours of work; three hours for family (to, say, “put the baby to bed”); another three hours for work; and, from 1am, four hours of sleep. Free time, he says, is the enemy of progress, which is why he has eliminated it entirely from his life.

Judging from this, Neistat seems to have also eliminated commuting, shopping, cooking, cleaning, school runs and all the other tasks that interrupt most people’s working lives. And that, in part, is where Kesvani’s attempt to live like Neistat ran aground. Although he could make the rigid schedule work in theory – “I could plan out everything out; I knew when everything was coming,” he says – the events he couldn’t control (such as a late train, or not getting a seat when he was supposed to be working) would derail his entire day. Having to reschedule, even as the work piled up, nearly destroyed him. He ended up in therapy, where he finally asked himself why he had taken on so much work in the first place.
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Winston Churchill was a villain, says John McDonnell | Politics | The Guardian
Shadow chancellor condemns wartime PM over his role in quelling of 1910 riots in Wales
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Ilhan Omar is right about the influence of the Israel lobby | Alex Kotch | Opinion | The Guardian
Following the Ilhan Omar controversy, it’s incredibly important to be able to decipher between real antisemitism and basic political facts [...] Omar’s controversial tweets noted two important realities. First, money is a huge problem, and motivator, in Washington. Second, Aipac is a powerful group that uses its money to influence the policy decisions of members of Congress. As both Mehdi Hasan and Ryan Grim detail in the Intercept, Aipac officials have bragged about their power over Washington lawmakers.
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RT : members & supporters (85% pro-) need to know that cld come from benches: "40 -…
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Polling, Labour and the don’t knows – Paula Surridge – Medium
Taken together with the evidence that there are far fewer undecided ex-Labour voters now than there were at the start of the 2017 campaign. This means that Labour has to win more voters from elsewhere (most likely Liberal Democrats and Conservatives), rather than reconnecting with its own undecided ex-supporters.
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