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Steve Spangler Science | Experiments - Science Toys - Classroom Kits
Educational science toys, STEM kits, teacher workshop materials, classroom sets, easy science fair projects, slime & amazing experiments by Steve Spangler.
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6 days ago by kpieper876
KB Labs — Det Kgl. Bibliotek
KB Labs seeks to find new ways to combine the library’s digital cultural heritage collections and research, with the latest methods within machine learning. The lab is an initiative taken by the IT department at the Royal Danish Library.

Here you will find different applications made by the Royal Danish Library to visualize, engage or showcase the different materials or collections that we have available, to inspire and deepen the knowledge of what collections we actually have, and hopefully expand the use of these.
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7 days ago by stacker
Crafting fashion experience digitally - Digital Anthropology Lab
"The Digital Anthropology Lab at London College of Fashion, University of the Arts London, is an emerging research centre dedicated to making smarter technology for a better human experience. We work across industry and academia through the lens of fashion and tech."
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10 days ago by ssn
Samsung's New York AI center will focus on robotics
Samsung now has an artificial intelligence center in New York City -- its third in North America and sixth in total -- with an eye on robotics
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12 days ago by lavallee

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